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Dan DiMaggio: UE Calls for Rank-and-File Control, Return to ‘Them and Us Unionism’

The United Electrical Workers (UE) published a new pamphlet, Them and Us Unionism, which argues that the labor movement needs to return to the class-struggle unionism that animated the founding of the industrial unions in the 1930s

Barbara Madeloni: Educators Demand Virtual Schools as ‘Least Bad’ but Safe Option

As the coronavirus continues to spread, teachers and school employees are being handed reopening plans that require them to be in their classrooms at the bell—and they are resisting.

Megan Cassella, Nicole Gaudiano, and Mackenzie Mays: Teachers Unions Test Goodwill with Strike Threats, Hardball Negotiations

As schools prepare to open, in addition to safety measures, some unions are pressing for police-free schools, canceling rents and mortgages, and bans on new charter programs and standardized testing.

Jeremy Brecher: Fighting the Great Depression From Below

The grassroots movements of workers and the unemployed formed a crucial part of the process that led instead to the emergence of the New Deal and the development of new and expanded forms of working-class organization

Lois Beckett: Calls For Nationwide Sickout As Arizona School District Cancels Reopening

Arizona public school district forced to abandon plans after more than 100 teachers and staff members called in sick

Andy O'Brien: Maine Shipbuilders Bring the Hammer Down, Reject Concessions

More than 4,300 shipbuilders at the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine struck for seven weeks from June to August in the largest private sector strike in the U.S. this year

Mindy Isser: The Green New Deal Just Won a Major Union Endorsement

Union support for the Green New Deal is growing. It’s time for America’s largest labor federation, the AFL-CIO, to get on board.

Jeff Schuhrke: The US Labor Movement Needs More of the UE’s “Them and Us” Unionism

UE’s model of militant, democratic unionism can revive labor

Sam Lewis: Pro-Labor Candidates Are Upending New York Politics—Where Are the Unions?

If this year’s results are any indication, unions should worry less about their relationships with a political establishment that just keeps losing, and instead embrace the opportunity to elect working class people with a bold pro-worker agenda

Chris Townsend: Concessions Are Back. So Are the Flashbacks

It is a flashback that the only way to oppose concessions is to oppose concessions—and all who embrace them, push them, or surrender to them

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