Category: Labor Activism

Martin Halpern: Pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

The failure to adopt any pro-union bills contributed to the decline of unions and the growth of inequality, the twin hallmarks of the past four decades in the United States

James Graham: Postcard From Paris

In short order, talks between the government and the transport unions broke down and the Prime Minister managed to turn everyone against him

Joe DeManuelle-Hall: 2019 Year in Review: Workers Strike Back

Workers across the country rose to the occasion, making 2019 one of the most exciting years for the labor movement in recent memory

David Bacon: We Need to Support Every Workers’ Struggle

Including the Fight at Google

Various Contributors: We’re still waiting for a trade deal that benefits working people

UE’s officers statement on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Brian Wakamo: Postal Pay Cuts Provoked a General Strike in Finland

The prime minister resigned over the nationwide protests, catapulting a 34-year-old woman into Finland’s top job

Steve Early: LA Times Journalist Wins Presidency of NewsGuild

As Guild president for the next four years,  Schleuss will now have to encourage–on a much larger scale–the same kind of rank-and-file initiative and grassroots organizing that turned his own paper into a union shop

Sarah Anderson: A Holiday Comeback for Toys ‘R’ Us?

Retail workers are organizing to make sure private equity firms can’t make money by putting people out of work.

Lawrence Wittner: Nurses Battle for First Union Contract

A nonprofit employer is not necessarily a better boss than a profit-making one

Cal Winslow: The End of the Era: Nineteen Nineteen

The workers’ mood had shifted steadily to the left in the strike wave of the decade just ending, resulting in the growth of class consciousness and little interest in cooperation with employers

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