Category: Labor Activism

Hamilton Nolan: Alabama Amazon Workers May Get Another Crack at a Union

The warehouse workers’ fight enters its second round, just when everyone thought it was finished

Peter Knowlton: Climate Justice Must Be a Top Priority for Labor

We need to begin a discussion among co-workers, creating demands and acting on them at the workplace and bargaining table. We need to show up at local union meetings, central labor councils, and town halls supporting demands that move us toward a fossil fuel-free future

Chris Saltmarsh: The Climate Movement Can Win Over Workers

Working people can be won to support radical action on climate change — so long as decarbonization is tied to a vision of shared prosperity for all

Kerry Cardoza: Museum Workers Are Joining the Growing Labor Movement

“During the pandemic, there were furloughs and layoffs. And workers realized that they had little to no job security in addition to low pay.”

Peter Guest: Gig Workers Around the World are Finally Organizing

Faced with fragility and uncertainty, gig workers are connecting across borders to challenge platforms’ power and policies

Stansfield Smith: Coal Miners’ Ongoing Strike Against BlackRock’s Warrior Met

To keep their jobs, Warrior Met made the miners work up to seven days a week and take a $6-an-hour pay cut, accept reduced health insurance, and give up most of their overtime pay and paid holidays

IATSE: AMPTP Film and Television Negotiations Stalled

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) announced Monday it does not intend to make any counteroffer to the IATSE’s most recent proposal

Mike Lewis: Carpenters’ Union Halts Work on Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook Expansions

The strike likely will bring many of the large projects to a standstill as other labor unions often choose to not cross a picket line when one of the on-site trade unions strike

Luis Feliz León: Washington Carpenter Revolt Swells Picket Lines

Five jobs were picketed, including construction projects at Facebook’s Building X, the Microsoft’s Campus in Redmond, and Alphabet’s Google

Candice Bernd: Canadian Amazon Warehouse Could Soon Be First to Unionize in North America

“It’s being seen as a PR move to make [Amazon] look good, to basically increase wages on one hand and slash bonuses on the other.”

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