Category: Labor Activism

Jamie Corey: This Labor Day, Let’s Remember Labor’s Forgotten Fight—Shorter Hours and Control Over Work Time

We’re working more for less. Instead, we should fight to work less for more

Sam Gindin: Class struggle during and after the pandemic

We need a left agenda that is not just engaged in periodic working-class struggles but is also genuinely embedded in workers’ daily lives and committed to nurturing the best of the working class’s historic potentials

Francesca Gomes: NYC Teachers Were About to Strike… Then Union Leaders Cut a Backroom Deal

Teachers are understandably furious about this sellout on the part of their own leadership and the bureaucratic methods used to try to convince members to accept the deal

Hamilton Nolan: In California, a “Labor Slate” Aims to Redefine the Relationship Between Unions and Politics

The plat­form empha­sizes union jobs, afford­able hous­ing, Medicare for All, pub­lic edu­ca­tion and trans­porta­tion, as well as increas­ing tax­es on the rich

Jeremy Brecher: Striking in the Coronavirus Depression

In response to COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Depression, workers have developed unique strategies and forms of organization to protect their lives and livelihoods

Nat Luftman, Alice Troop, and James Cordero: We Reinvigorated Our Undergrad Union… Just in Time for COVID Fights

Our fight has just begun, and from the Milwaukee Bucks’ inspiring strike for Black lives to the recent Cornell RA strike over health and safety, we’re seeing how our struggles for racial justice and public health are linked. We have a world to win.

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Teachers Expect UFT to Vote on Whether to Authorize a Strike Over School Reopening

The New York City teachers union wants to ensure good ventilation in schools and access to Covid-19 testing

Thomas Klikauer: Delivering Resistance @ Deliveroo

Aided with today’s technology, this would be a new vision and an extension of human solidarity through modern technology. Mutual Aid is what makes us human

Michelle Accorso Sapere: In Battle for Virtual Schools, Rochester Teachers Caucus Leads from Below

As we move forward, we’re confident we will continue to push a conservative union toward more progressive stances and actions, and we honestly care little who gets the credit for it.

Meagan Day: Most Politicians Don’t Care About Workers. But Unions Can Make Them.

New research finds that strong unions are pretty effective at making politicians pay attention to the interests of ordinary people. In order to pursue a real pro-worker agenda in government, we need an emboldened labor movement

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