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Jeremy Brecher: Striking in the Coronavirus Depression

In response to COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Depression, workers have developed unique strategies and forms of organization to protect their lives and livelihoods

Nat Luftman, Alice Troop, and James Cordero: We Reinvigorated Our Undergrad Union… Just in Time for COVID Fights

Our fight has just begun, and from the Milwaukee Bucks’ inspiring strike for Black lives to the recent Cornell RA strike over health and safety, we’re seeing how our struggles for racial justice and public health are linked. We have a world to win.

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Teachers Expect UFT to Vote on Whether to Authorize a Strike Over School Reopening

The New York City teachers union wants to ensure good ventilation in schools and access to Covid-19 testing

Thomas Klikauer: Delivering Resistance @ Deliveroo

Aided with today’s technology, this would be a new vision and an extension of human solidarity through modern technology. Mutual Aid is what makes us human

Michelle Accorso Sapere: In Battle for Virtual Schools, Rochester Teachers Caucus Leads from Below

As we move forward, we’re confident we will continue to push a conservative union toward more progressive stances and actions, and we honestly care little who gets the credit for it.

Meagan Day: Most Politicians Don’t Care About Workers. But Unions Can Make Them.

New research finds that strong unions are pretty effective at making politicians pay attention to the interests of ordinary people. In order to pursue a real pro-worker agenda in government, we need an emboldened labor movement

Richard Trumpka: Trumka to DNC Labor Council: Our Democracy Is at Stake

Biden knows knows our democracy is under siege. Look no further than what Donald Trump is doing with the Post Office. He’s threatening America’s most trusted public service with attacks and lies and extortion. Labor must support Biden/Harris.

Dan DiMaggio: UE Calls for Rank-and-File Control, Return to ‘Them and Us Unionism’

The United Electrical Workers (UE) published a new pamphlet, Them and Us Unionism, which argues that the labor movement needs to return to the class-struggle unionism that animated the founding of the industrial unions in the 1930s

Barbara Madeloni: Educators Demand Virtual Schools as ‘Least Bad’ but Safe Option

As the coronavirus continues to spread, teachers and school employees are being handed reopening plans that require them to be in their classrooms at the bell—and they are resisting.

Megan Cassella, Nicole Gaudiano, and Mackenzie Mays: Teachers Unions Test Goodwill with Strike Threats, Hardball Negotiations

As schools prepare to open, in addition to safety measures, some unions are pressing for police-free schools, canceling rents and mortgages, and bans on new charter programs and standardized testing.

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