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Liam Barrington-Bush: Solidarity Ecosystems

Over time, you notice that beneath VIO.ME’s sometimes mundane veneer, a series of radical changes are taking place. These are changes that offer alternatives to how we organize work, community and society at large.

Colby Hopkins: Activists occupy major park in Budapest to stop unwanted development

To correct the power imbalance, Ligetvédők activists are demanding the public be involved in the plans to renew the park

Mark Evans: Occupy +

Resurrecting Occupy and Breathing Life into Shared Program by Taking it to the Streets

Kathy Kelly: Let It Shine

This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine! This past summer, collaborating with Wisconsin activists, we decided to feature this refrain on signs and announcements for a 90-mile walk campaigning to end targeted drone assassinations abroad, and the similarly racist impunity granted to an increasingly militarized police force

Peter Bohmer: Police Shooting in Olympia, WA; It Can Happen Anywhere

At 1:15 AM on May 21, on the west side of Olympia, Washington, white police officer Ryan Donald shot two young unarmed Black brothers, Andre Thompson, 24, and Bryson Chaplin, 21.

Edward S. Herman: Double Standards and/or Hypocrisy?

The mainstream media’s treatment of two cases of alleged aggression illustrates perfectly the propaganda role and service of the dominant media

Don Fitz: Rat Gives Monsanto the Run-Around

The company must be feeling international heat if it has half a dozen local cops chase a rat across the front lawn of Monsanto World Headquarters

Norman Finkelstein: Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Apartheid

Finkelstein comments:  The European Journal of International Law has published a landmark article by John Dugard and John Reynolds entitled “Apartheid, International Law and the Occupied Palestinian Territories” (2013). Dugard is the leading authority on the legal aspect of South Africa’s apartheid regime, and is also a respected international jurist. Below are some highlights from Read more…

Justin Podur: The Ossington Circle: Episode 3, Suzy Harris-Brandts on Architecture, Occupation, and Resistance

The Ossington Circle is an internet talk show hosted by Justin Podur in Toronto. This week we have architectural researcher Suzy Harris-Brandts, who studied and worked with the Decolonizing Architecture group in the West Bank. We discuss the limitations of negotiations, design tactics under occupation, and the responsibility of architects.  

Amira Hass: Otherwise Occupied: It Takes An Army To Trample The Law

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces proved once again how it spares no resources or manpower to defend the Jewish people from any danger lying in wait. This time the glory belongs to the military prosecution, particularly the chief military advocate for Judaea and Samaria, Lt. Col. Morris Hirsch. Eyewitnesses describe how, at the Ofer Read more…

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