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Mark Evans: Occupy +

Resurrecting Occupy and Breathing Life into Shared Program by Taking it to the Streets

Mark Engler: What Makes Nonviolent Movements Explode?

The strange alchemy of disruption and sacrifice

Russell Brand: On Revolution, Fighting Inequality, Addiction, Militarized Policing & Noam Chomsky

For years Russell Brand has been one of Britain’s most popular comedians, but over the past 12 months he has also emerged as a leading voice of Britain’s political left

Chris Hedges: The Crime of Peaceful Protest

The Cecily McMillan Trial

Kathleen Ann Bradley: Two Years After the Eviction of OWS, Here’s 5 People Keeping the Movement Alive

It was a cold night in late January 2012. The New York subway doors opened and a tall, dark-haired, 30-ish young man dressed entirely in black—leather jacket, jeans, and boots—stepped into the car. Hanging from his backpack were an orange plastic bullhorn and a small drum; tied on top was a thin sleeping mat. He Read more…

Crystal Zevon: Searching for Occupy

I can still recall my sense of ‘shock and awe’ when, at home on a break from four months of ‘occupying’ a tent, two General Assemblies (GAs) a day and multiple protests each week, I watched on live stream as the police charged through the Washington, D.C. encampment at Freedom Plaza. They tore down our Read more…

Ethan Earle: Occupy’s Legacy: A Massive Burbling of Possibilities

I’d like to propose a toast to Occupy Wall Street, which celebrated its second birthday this September 17 with protests, marches, puppet shows and ballet lessons atop the Financial District’s iconic Charging Bull.  Not quite ready to join me in celebration? You’re not alone. Popular sentiment today largely wavers between ignoring, dismissing, making fun of Read more…

Justin Wedes: Occupy Wall Street, Two Years On: We’re Still The 99%

This week marks two years since I joined a ragtag crew of outraged young Americans in the streets of lower Manhattan. We had exhausted the list of available political remedies as we watched our stalemated Congress spiral into deeper indecision. We refused to be silent in the face of a teetering economy and captured political Read more…

Danny Schechter: On the 5th Anniversary of the Panic and Second of Occupy

New York, New York: Media outlets love anniversaries. They become the makers and news-pegs for one day stories that become pretexts for episodic coverage of key issues that substitute for ongoing critical reporting, It's a form of nostalgic "how are we doing coverage" that aims to depoliticize the past or give us a grade, but Read more…

Rebecca Solnit: Joy Arises, Rules Fall Apart

I would have liked to know what the drummer hoped and what she expected. We’ll never know why she decided to take a drum to the central markets of Paris on October 5, 1789, and why, that day, the tinder was so ready to catch fire and a drumbeat was one of the sparks. To Read more…

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