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Ted Glick: This Is An Uprising

Review of This Is An Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping The Twenty-First Century, by Mark and Paul Engler

Marina Sitrin: Sustainability, Organization and Anti-Capitalism: Talkin’ Occupy around the US

People around the US often no longer feel it is their fault that they are loosing their homes or jobs – and instead feel a new sense of power

Maurice Isserman: The Disturbing Verdict Against Cecily McMillan

Who wants to live in the kind of a society where that can happen? Better just to deny it, accept the official version, vote guilty—or risk being part of a “losing battle”

Tom Hayden: The Next Battle Against Wall Street?

The next battle against Wall Street may be brewing in Los Angeles City Hall

Antonio Carty: Wild Cats Of Brooklyn

Wild Cats Of Brooklyn – From the Peoples occupation of Brooklyn bridge.   This is from a series I call Documentary Expressionism – Where using photos collected from real events in the world I make an expression of art with hopefully a respect to that event. You can see more on my ZSpace Photo Albums. Read more…

Jérôme Roos: Beyond Occupy: Liberating Ourselves From Debt Slavery

A little over a year ago, my friend Pedro and I were sitting behind our laptops in the makeshift multimedia center at Syntagma Square in Athens. As volunteers in the Take The Square collective (the international brigades of the Spanish indignados), we had already been involved for several months in the transnational effort to build bridges between the Read more…

Marina Sitrin: Occupy Wall Street and The Meanings of Success

Marina Sitrin is a writer, lawyer, organizer, militant and dreamer. Her latest book, co-authored with Dario Azzellini, is Occupying Language, published this week in the Occupied Media Pamphlet Series by Zuccotti Park Press.   It is late August 2012. Dozens of people are sitting and standing in a circle in Tompkins Square Park, planning the actions to commemorate the Read more…

Anil Eklavya: Dissidence Management in the 21st Century: The Fake Protestor

A few days ago … okay, let’s be exact for once, even if it doesn’t matter … on September 2 or 3, I was going through the ZNet top page and reading some of the articles. Then I clicked on the link that pointed to a page with an interview with Norman Finkelstein. This page contained Read more…

Tim Gee: Past Occupations: What’s Going On With Occupy In The US?

In Madison, Wisconsin, you can’t avoid politics. The graffiti outside the state Capitol Building, the snatches of overheard discussions in the bars, and the commemorative cards at the radical bookstore all relate to one thing: the events that have unfolded since the rebellion of March 2011.  Against the backdrop of events in Tunisia and Egypt, Read more…

Stephan Geras: Restorative Justice At OWS

The world movements for social and political change that have risen up during the last 2 years have one thing in common, their flexibility. When pressure is applied to one area, because it’s part of a whole with equality for all humans as the foundational value, the whole is able to absorb that pressure, to Read more…

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