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John Malkin: Rock ‘n Roll Resistance at Big Mountain, Arizona

I recently spoke with Clayson and Jeneda Benally about their bands Blackfire and Sihasin, their indigenous roots and the power of punk rock to change the world.

Ken Peters-Dodd: Fighting the mega-mine

Interview with a First Nations activist fighting against the construction of a mega-mine project which threatens to devastate the environment, and the lives of many First Nations people

Ramona Wadi: A Repressive Status Quo

As Chile’s president-elect Sebastian Piñera promises to perfect its anti-terror laws, repression against the Mapuche people seems likely to increase during his second presidential term

Danica Jorden: Quebec’s Legacy of Racism Continues

A look at the medical airlift policy for Indigenous children in the far north

Angélica Almazán: An Election and a Movement

Can Marichuy, an Indigenous activist, collect enough signatures to appear on ballots in Mexico’s 2018 presidential election?

Mary Annette Pember: Native Women Reclaiming Birth on Their Terms

The Midwives’ Resistance

Ayşe Gürsöz: Can Tiny Houses Stop Pipeline?

Indigenous activists are using solar-powered tiny houses to block the proposed path of the oil pipeline across Secwepemcul’ecw territory. Could this become the ‘Standing Rock of the North’?

Garet Bleir: Indigenous Resistance in the Grand Canyon

Even if contaminated water from the mine is somehow unable to make it into the deeper aquifer, several new studies have demonstrated that the mine can still have a negative ecological impact on local plant and animal life

Winona La Duke: Cannibal Economics

Why the Black Snake Will Eventually Eat Itself

Jennifer Denetdale: We Fight for Our Liberation

Indigenous peoples are fighting for the rights of our people to exist and dream of Indigenous liberation

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