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Jennifer Denetdale: We Fight for Our Liberation

Indigenous peoples are fighting for the rights of our people to exist and dream of Indigenous liberation

Prafulla Samantara: Making waves

Indigenous people are not consulted. They are marginalized, even though they are the owners and guardians of natural resources

David Bacon: A New Farm Worker Union Is Born

Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest

Michelle Latimer: From Standing Rock to the Red Power Movement: New Series “RISE” Focuses on Indigenous Resistance

Interview on a new series that examines indigenous resistance past and present, from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation’s resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline to “Red Power,” which looks at past indigenous resistance and the evolution of the Red Power Movement

Eryn Wise: Indigenous rights and the fight for life at Standing Rock

Solidarity and strength has brought victory at Standing Rock, but the water protectors know the struggle to protect their sacred lands is far from over

Winona La Duke: Public Servants or Corporate Security?

So you joined law enforcement or the National Guard because you wanted to uphold the law, protect innocent civilians against the bad guys, and help your community in times of need. Instead, they’re having you blockade unarmed people who are trying to hold a prayer vigil, chasing them with armored vehicles and ATVs, raiding their Read more…

Jonathan Watts: Indigenous Rights Key to Fighting Climate Change, New Study Finds

The November 1st report says the expansion of tribal land rights is the most cost-effective way to protect forests and sequester carbon and urges national governments to ensure indigenous communities a central role in climate policies

Leonidas Oikonomakis: Zapatistas propose indigenous woman for Mexican presidency

“May the earth shake at its core…” was the title of the announcement. And, indeed, the news came like an earthquake — and not only for Mexican politics

Jaskiran Dhillon: Dismantling Columbus and the Power of the Present

Interrogating Columbus Day is a key opportunity to think critically about current injustices that are anchored to the past in direct and substantial ways

Bill Bigelow: Support Indigenous Rights: Abolish Columbus Day

If we are sincere in our claim that all lives have value, then schools need to refuse to honor the first European colonialist of the Americas, the “father of the slave trade”

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