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William Minter: Indigenous Movements Are Key to the Fight Against Fossil Fuels

The Biden administration and other governments may make climate pledges. But often it’s indigenous-led movements who will see that they’re kept

Lars Åkerson: Maya Activist Groups Fight to Protect Indigenous Territorial Rights

The land defenders’ struggle continues a 500-year effort to protect a living landscape beset by ongoing extractive colonialism

Olivia DiNucci: Indigenous Line 3 Activists Link Militarism and Climate Crisis

Environmental activists, under Indigenous leadership, are taking action to stop the Line 3 pipeline

Justin Podur: Canada Is Waging an All-Front Legal War Against Indigenous People

After mass graves full of Indigenous children have been found, how can Canada justify ongoing land theft?

Sandra Cuffe: Guatemalan Communities Turn Out for Indigenous-Led Nationwide Shutdown

Guatemala’s attorney general fired a top prosecutor of corruption last week. Now, Indigenous peoples and social movements are calling for both her and the president to resign

John Bartlett, Natalie Alcoba, Joe Parkin Daniels, Leyland Cecco: Indigenous Americans Demand a Reckoning with Brutal Colonial History

From Canada to Colombia, protests erupt against legacies of violence, exploitation and cultural erasure

Carol Amour: Indigenous Organizers Defend Menominee River

Indigenous water protectors confront massive mining companies, building community on the way

Winona La Duke: Mass Protest by Water Protectors to Halt Line 3 Pipeline

In the largest act of civil disobedience to date to halt the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline, more than 100 water protectors led by Indigenous women have been arrested in Minnesota

The Red Nation: To End Fossil Fuels, End Settler Colonialism

Much environmental framing misses the point about capitalism and Indigenous sovereignty

Barbara Williams: When Women Become Allies to Save Watersheds and Wildlife

Young activists, fed up with ineffectual political policy, are using their bodies and agency to say “no more.”

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