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Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso: ‘We Could Be Living in the Future We All Dream About’

Interview on Janine Jackson: Powerlands, an award-winning documentary film about resource extraction and its impacts on Indigenous communities around the world

Jake Johnson: Indigenous-Led Blockade Demands Biden Declare Climate Emergency, End Oil Leasing

“Native land back in native hands, we are not your sacrifice zones!”

Denali DeGraf: Indigenous Women build movement to tackle ‘Terricide’ in Argentina

The Movement of Indigenous Women for Good Living seeks to stop both the murder of the Earth and the violence towards women and girls

Ruth Miller: Indigenous Organizers in Alaska Lead the Way Toward Livable Climate Future

Please Help ZNet             Source: Truthout In the United States, the public and politicians are moving in opposite directions on climate change. Grassroots environmental activism is spreading on the local state, regional and national levels, while Congress generally continues with a “business-as-usual” approach, rejecting the foremost way to avoid the Read more…

Jenni Laiti: How climate solutions promoted by Western governments avoid what needs to be done

As Sweden backs a new iron-ore mine, the impacted Sámi people emphasize the urgent need for real climate solutions

Joseph Lee: First Nations begin filing claims for Canada’s multi-billion dollar water settlement

The historic settlement could provide compensation to 142,000 individuals and 250 First Nations who were denied access to clean water

William Minter: Indigenous Movements Are Key to the Fight Against Fossil Fuels

The Biden administration and other governments may make climate pledges. But often it’s indigenous-led movements who will see that they’re kept

Lars Åkerson: Maya Activist Groups Fight to Protect Indigenous Territorial Rights

The land defenders’ struggle continues a 500-year effort to protect a living landscape beset by ongoing extractive colonialism

Olivia DiNucci: Indigenous Line 3 Activists Link Militarism and Climate Crisis

Environmental activists, under Indigenous leadership, are taking action to stop the Line 3 pipeline

Justin Podur: Canada Is Waging an All-Front Legal War Against Indigenous People

After mass graves full of Indigenous children have been found, how can Canada justify ongoing land theft?

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