Category: Indigenous

Justin Podur: Cracking Up the Walls of War and Authoritarianism

The sustained protests in Colombia are part of a larger trend against austerity and endless war

Dana Hill: Throughout South America, Structural Violence Is Showing Up as Street Violence

Ecuador was only the latest indicator of what’s possible when indigenous movements exercise their power. It also showed what’s at stake

Chris Hartmann: Bolivia’s Plurinational Healthcare Revolution Will Not Be Defeated

Under the Morales administration, Indigenous healthcare beliefs and practices stepped out from long shadows cast by colonialism and racism. Those achievements are now under threat

Amy Goodman: “Shame!”

Indigenous Leaders & Delegates from Global South Stage Dramatic Protest at COP25 in Madrid

Josue De Luna Navarro: The Centuries-Long History of Extractive Greed

Climate change is a symptom of a malevolent virus borne out of capitalism and colonialism. Indigenous liberation shows the path towards healing the planet

Nick Estes: U.S. stole generations of Indigenous children to open the West

Indian boarding schools held Native American youth hostage in exchange for land cessions

Nick Estes: Indigenous People Are Already Working “Green Jobs”

But They’re Unrecognized and Unpaid

Jenni Monet: Indigenous stories in the media landscape

‘The Indigenous Narrative Holds the Power to Really Shift People’s Societal Views’

Natalie Knight: Urban Indigenous organizing

In so-called Canada, urban Indigenous organizers are re-energizing a decades-old struggle by redefining Indigenous sovereignty in the city streets

J.P. Linstroth: Preventing Brazilian Indigenous Genocide and Protecting the Amazon

One of Bolsonaro’s first official acts as a newly inaugurated president was doing away with demarcation of indigenous territories in Brazil. All of us living on this planet should be fearful of this act

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