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Josue De Luna Navarro: The Centuries-Long History of Extractive Greed

Climate change is a symptom of a malevolent virus borne out of capitalism and colonialism. Indigenous liberation shows the path towards healing the planet

Nick Estes: U.S. stole generations of Indigenous children to open the West

Indian boarding schools held Native American youth hostage in exchange for land cessions

Nick Estes: Indigenous People Are Already Working “Green Jobs”

But They’re Unrecognized and Unpaid

Jenni Monet: Indigenous stories in the media landscape

‘The Indigenous Narrative Holds the Power to Really Shift People’s Societal Views’

Natalie Knight: Urban Indigenous organizing

In so-called Canada, urban Indigenous organizers are re-energizing a decades-old struggle by redefining Indigenous sovereignty in the city streets

J.P. Linstroth: Preventing Brazilian Indigenous Genocide and Protecting the Amazon

One of Bolsonaro’s first official acts as a newly inaugurated president was doing away with demarcation of indigenous territories in Brazil. All of us living on this planet should be fearful of this act

Mariela Jara: Equality and Territory

The Common Struggle of Indigenous Women in the Andes

Laura Notess: For Indigenous Peoples, Losing Land Can Mean Losing Lives

Villagers are trying to recover some of their losses through a class action lawsuit. But even if they are successful, it will provide little remedy for the felled forests, destroyed homes and disruption of community life

Tristan Ahtone: Indigenous immigrants face unique challenges at the border

Language barriers mean Indigenous families may be more likely to be split u

Daniela Pastrana: Recovering Native Languages in Mexico

“Never Again Can There Be a Mexico Without Indigenous Peoples”

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