Category: Native American

Jennifer Denetdale: We Fight for Our Liberation

Indigenous peoples are fighting for the rights of our people to exist and dream of Indigenous liberation

David Bacon: A New Farm Worker Union Is Born

Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest

Phil McKenna: Hope, Then Misery

The losing fight over the Dakota Access oil pipeline has brought into high relief the dire living conditions of the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native Americans

Conn Hallinan: Red Cloud, Crazy Horse and U.S. Foreign Policy

The time and place was vastly different, but the men who designed the war against Native Americans would be comfortable with the rationale that currently impel U.S. foreign policy

Michelle Latimer: From Standing Rock to the Red Power Movement: New Series “RISE” Focuses on Indigenous Resistance

Interview on a new series that examines indigenous resistance past and present, from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation’s resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline to “Red Power,” which looks at past indigenous resistance and the evolution of the Red Power Movement

Alleen Brown: As Construction Near Standing Rock Restarts, Pipeline Fights Flare Across the U.S.

While the Standing Rock Sioux and neighboring tribes attempt to halt the project in court, other opponents of the pipeline have launched what they’re calling a “last stand,” holding protests and disruptive actions across the U.S.

Gabrielle Gurley: Dakota Access Pipeline Fight May Open New Chapter of Indian-Federal Conflict

The president’s signature on an executive order could reignite the clashes between Native Americans and their supporters—and their historic adversaries

Stephanie Woodard: The Never-Ending Indian Wars: Spotlight Returns to Standing Rock

The drama and injustice on display at Standing Rock have taught a new generation of observers what Native Americans already know: Even today theirs is a brutal fight to survive.

Eryn Wise: Indigenous rights and the fight for life at Standing Rock

Solidarity and strength has brought victory at Standing Rock, but the water protectors know the struggle to protect their sacred lands is far from over

Bill McKibben: The victory at Standing Rock could mark a turning point

The defeat of an energy company by indigenous activists shows what nonviolent unity can accomplish. There are lessons here as we enter a challenging new age

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