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Julia Conley: ‘Huge Victory’ for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Federal Court Rules DAPL Permits Violated Law

Josue De Luna Navarro: The Centuries-Long History of Extractive Greed

Climate change is a symptom of a malevolent virus borne out of capitalism and colonialism. Indigenous liberation shows the path towards healing the planet

Ruth Needleman: Reflecting on Immigration this Thanksgiving

Centuries of genocide against indigenous peoples have erased the real history of our hemisphere. Descendants of colonizers call the US a nation of immigrants, claiming ownership of land in the name of white people who displaced original inhabitants

Loretta Graceffo: The spirit of the indigenous occupation of Alcatraz lives on

In 1969, indigenous activists occupied Alcatraz Island, demanding that their treaties be honored. Fifty years later, they’re still fighting

Nick Estes: U.S. stole generations of Indigenous children to open the West

Indian boarding schools held Native American youth hostage in exchange for land cessions

Nick Estes: Indigenous People Are Already Working “Green Jobs”

But They’re Unrecognized and Unpaid

Bernie Sanders: Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum

10 Democratic candidates and one independent in the 2020 presidential race addressed indigenous communities at the first-ever Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City, Iowa

Nick Estes: Midwestern Floods Threaten Indigenous Communities

Interview on how two centuries of indigenous resistance created the movement proclaiming “Water is life.”

Jenni Monet: Indigenous stories in the media landscape

‘The Indigenous Narrative Holds the Power to Really Shift People’s Societal Views’

Aviva Chomsky: The DNA Industry and the Disappearing Indian

DNA, Race, and Native Rights

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