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Molly Odintz: Radical Noir: 26 Activist Crime Novels

Revolutionaries, Agitators, and Organizers in Crime Fiction

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The NFL’s plan to protect America from witches

The NFL’s cheerleader problem shows exactly what’s wrong with the league’s management: They insist on being the self-appointed guardians of America’s mythological vision of itself

John Feffer: How ‘Black Panther’ Sees the World

The film contrasts aloof isolationism with Gates Foundation-style paternalism. It unfairly paints more revolutionary alternatives as narrowly violent

Joseph Tompkins: Woke Hollywood? The Marketing of Black Panther

Schools and neighborhoods will continue to deteriorate thanks to the very policies and promotions that make a film like Black Panther possible

Tom Engelhardt: Big Brother Isn’t Watching You

You’re Watching Him

Christopher Lebron: ‘Black Panther’ Is Not the Movie We Deserve

Why should I accept the idea of black American disposability from a man in a suit, whose name is synonymous with radical uplift but whose actions question the very notion that black lives matter?

Anna Swartz: Frances McDormand called for inclusion riders

Here are the stars who are actually taking action

Laura Durkay: It’s been a long time coming

What this year’s Oscars tell us about where movies are headed

Leslie Lee: The Disturbing Messages in Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’?

Black America deserves a more radical superhero to call its own

Claire Dederer: What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

What is to be done about monsters? Can and should we love their work? Are all ambitious artists monsters?

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