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Bruce Springsteen: This Land Is Your Land

‘I don’t know if a lot of people feel if this song is true any more, and I’m not sure that it is, but I know that it ought to be.’

Brian Ward: Why the World Series Is Tainted by Racism

Cleveland’s baseball team comes onto the national stage with the most spectacularly racist logo in professional sports: Chief Wahoo

Adam Hochschild: Me Tarzan, You Adam

How I Met the Ghosts of My Own Work in a Local Multiplex

Sam Kriss: Resist Pokémon Go

If Pokémon Go could resemble the best of childhood, it might have some value. What it actually does is very different

Vincent Emanuele: Killer Cops, Deranged Veterans and Pokémon Go: Welcome to America!

For the first time in history, large segments of White Americans are seeing what Black Americans have been experiencing for centuries

Marta Figlerowicz: The Gatekeepers Aren’t Gone

Viral content seems democratic. But it’s still mostly controlled by big media companies

Mike King: The “Free State of Jones” in Trump’s America: Freedom Beyond White Imagination

“[H]istory is literally present in all that we do. It could scarcely be otherwise, since it is to history that we owe our frames of reference, our identities, and our aspirations. And it is with great pain and terror that… one begins to assess the history which has placed one where one is, and formed Read more…

Cara Lisa Berg Powers: ‘T’ Is For The Troubling Changes On ‘Sesame Street’

Take down the lights, knock down the studio walls, and let’s take it back to the street

John Feffer: The Music of Hopelessness

From the comfortable alt-rock of PJ Harvey to the hypnotic antagonism of Anohni, new protest music offers a relief from the official rhythms of war and peace

Adam Szetela: Beyoncé’s “Formation” and the Boutique Activism of the Left

“Formation” does, in the end, embody the meaningful intervention that identity politics can stage. It is, for many black Americans, empowering

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