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Michael Albert: Hollywood On My Mind

With Hollywood on my mind, I continue to seek a good outcome. I figure it won’t be Marvel, but maybe a new franchise can emerge focused on films seeking fundamental societal change

Dave Zirin: Colin Kaepernick’s celebrity allies

The NFL and Roger Goodell can speak elliptically all they want about “listening” to players, but as long as Kaepernick is sidelined, the NFL’s cowardice will be on display

Dave Zirin: Sports History

Interview on Ali, Kap, MJ & More

William Astore: Why Can’t We Just Play Ball?

The Militarization of Sports and the Redefinition of Patriotism

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: An open letter to the NFL’s owners

To deny professional athletes the right to express dissent in a peaceful manner is a disgrace to the Constitution, the opposite of patriotism and shameful moral weakness

Briahna Joy Gray: You Say You Want a Revolution?

The Anti-Capitalist Film “Sorry to Bother You” Shows the Way

Howard Bryant: On the Revolt of the Black Athlete

From Ali to LeBron James

Robert Lipsyte: Another Season of Despair

Or a Pigskin Blue Wave?

Nicolas Lalaguna: Elites control the message

From the news media to Hollywood

Laura Finley: NFL Anthem Protest Policy and Faux Patriotism

It’s very hard to understand the vitriolic opposition to this modest protest given that Kaepernick’s own explanation of it could only be offensive to a racist

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