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Claire Dederer: What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

What is to be done about monsters? Can and should we love their work? Are all ambitious artists monsters?

Nicole Colson: The Man in Black goes to Folsom

On the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s concerts behind prison walls, later released as At Folsom Prison, a look at how Cash gave voice to the voiceless

Dave Zirin: The NFL owners who would rather lose

The fact that several teams chose to fail rather than sign Colin Kaepernick is a scandal that goes beyond winning and losing

Bryan Curtis: The springtime of athletic resistance

He has the ear of Colin Kaepernick, Michael Bennett, and Gregg Popovich

Steve Appleford: Tom Morello: Making America Rage Again

“We’re at a crucial historical juncture, where literally the fate of the planet hangs by a thread,” says rocker Tom Morello. “We are musicians, so our message is in the mosh pit.”

Norman Solomon: The Real Story Behind Katharine Graham and “The Post”

Katharine Graham’s decision to publish the Pentagon Papers was indeed laudable, but the Washington Post was instrumental in avidly promoting the lies that made the Vietnam War possible in the first place

Charles R. Larson: The Decline of Reading for Pleasure

The vast majority of Americans who read nothing are trapped in the same dark room

Stan Van Gundy: Athletes Who Protest Are Patriots

They are working to make America live up to its stated ideals. We should all join them in ensuring their collective voice is heard

Robert Lipsyte: Trump’s Game Plan

Racism and Violence as Decoys

Rafael Pepper-Clarke: The Little Giants

October 27, 2017, will be the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the resistance to the blacklist, the day people refused to snitch out their friends at the HUAC hearings

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