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Norman Solomon: The Real Story Behind Katharine Graham and “The Post”

Katharine Graham’s decision to publish the Pentagon Papers was indeed laudable, but the Washington Post was instrumental in avidly promoting the lies that made the Vietnam War possible in the first place

Charles R. Larson: The Decline of Reading for Pleasure

The vast majority of Americans who read nothing are trapped in the same dark room

Stan Van Gundy: Athletes Who Protest Are Patriots

They are working to make America live up to its stated ideals. We should all join them in ensuring their collective voice is heard

Robert Lipsyte: Trump’s Game Plan

Racism and Violence as Decoys

Rafael Pepper-Clarke: The Little Giants

October 27, 2017, will be the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the resistance to the blacklist, the day people refused to snitch out their friends at the HUAC hearings

Margot Pepper: For George Pepper, the Blacklist Isn’t Over

October 27, 2017 will mark the 70th anniversary of the first day that ten courageous screenwriters and directors, known as the Hollywood Ten, refused to answer illegal questions

Dave Zirin: Breaking Baseball’s Politics Line

There is a wall in baseball between sports and politics. One player just put a crack in it

Beldon Haigh: Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

We are delighted to bring you Fools Rules from Beldon Haigh and the Mother Of All Bands (Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un).

Shelagh Huston: “Democracy is coming to the USA”

The real Leonard Cohen lyric we should be listening to

Ezra Kronfeld: Americans, Criminals, and Thelma & Louise

Many Americans will pay no concern for the cruelty and suffering that our society’s criminals face; yet this same “tough on crime” culture frequently sympathizes with fictional criminals in film and television

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