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Dana Cook: Encounters With Dick Gregory

The late comedian, civil rights/anti-war activist, and nutritional guru Dick Gregory is remembered by Joan Rivers, Malcolm X, Lena Horne, Howard Zinn, Bill Lee and others. Victor Lownes, Playboy executive Carwash attendant no more  …Dick Gregory, one of America’s top comedians, will never turn his back on Playboy, that I’m sure. When I booked him to appear Read more…

Rann Miller: Colin Kaepernick Can’t Get a Job

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick got countless kids talking about white supremacy. Now they’re learning that speaking out comes at a cost

Jason La Canfora: Michael Bennett wants you to listen

The son of a military veteran isn’t backing down from his anthem protest, and the Seahawks have his back

Dave Zirin: Will Charlottesville Provoke White Athletes?

Want to demoralize the fascist right? We need their white athletic heroes telling them to go to hell

Juan Cole: Trump’s 1960s Cowboyism

America needs a new self-image, and probably more to the point, a new conception of masculinity

Michael f. Brown: Kaepernick pays price

It remains to be seen whether we have reached a tipping point for players concerned not just about brain injuries, but their right to speak freely

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Don’t “Stick to Sports”

NFL players need to step up in solidarity and defend an outspoken black quarterback fighting for social justice and a job

Brent L. Smith: Dylan On What Killed Rock

Writer’s Note: This is not an indictment on any particular act, or genre of music. Music is the Word. Period. This is simply an attempt to shed light on an unnerving moment in music historicity, and the devastating effects big money can have when attempting to hijack music’s forever unfolding. Input/ feedback/ distortion is welcome. Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Comrade Charlie Chaplin

In September 1952, Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) looked back at New York on board the Queen Elizabeth. He was bound for Europe, to introduce the continent to his latest film Mousieur Verdoux. On the ship, Chaplin learned that the United States government would only let him return to the USA – where he had lived for Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Military-industrial complex hero

Is it any surprise that in the Hollywood-Pentagon world of Wonder Woman, the values of a female superhero sound exactly like those of the military men who run the West’s wars?

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