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Nathaniel Rakich: How A Court Ruling In Alabama Could Boost Black Political Power Throughout The South

On Jan. 24, Alabama became the second state (after Ohio) to have its new congressional map struck down in court

Derrick Johnson: NAACP Launches Boycott of Facebook

Platform Is Unhealthy for African Americans & U.S. Democracy

John Malkin: Rock ‘n Roll Resistance at Big Mountain, Arizona

I recently spoke with Clayson and Jeneda Benally about their bands Blackfire and Sihasin, their indigenous roots and the power of punk rock to change the world.

Gavin Evans: The unwelcome revival of ‘race science’

Its defenders claim to be standing up for uncomfortable truths, but race science is still as bogus as ever

Michelle Black Smith: #Hashtag Me TOO: Reflections on Women’s Solidarity

5 percent voted to elect the over 70, sexually aggressive, “pussy-grabbing” unproven and under-qualified man to the most powerful political office in the country.

Nishani Frazier: The Return of Black Political Power

How 1970s History Can Guide New Black Mayors Toward a Radical City

Carl Zimmer: Genes for Skin Color

The widespread distribution of these genes and their persistence over millenniums show that the old color lines are essentially meaningless

William Boardman: Trump’s Racially Obtuse Transcript Highlights, Annotated

The alt-right is self-named. The alt-right also invented the term “alt-left” as a term with no specific meaning other than to label whoever the alt-right considers an enemy

Mumia Abu Jamal: James Baldwin: Word Warrior

He was born in Harlem Hospital, New York, August 2nd, 1924; oddly enough, the same year that my mother was born in the South. His name, at birth, was James Arthur Jones, to a mother blessed with the gift of fertility; and to a father he would never know. At the tender age of 3, Read more…

Rebekah Barber: Resegregation

Now the Trump administration wants to further expand the use of vouchers by creating a $20 billion school choice program. According to The Century Foundation, a think tank dedicated to reducing inequality, Trump’s plan would increase segregation in public schools

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