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Ward Churchill: The Crucible of American Indian Identity – Part 2

The Impositions of U.S. Policy Probably the first concerted effort on the part of U.S. officialdom to use the incorporation of whites and their mixed-blood offspring as a wedge with which to pry indigenous societies apart began in the late 1700s, when Moravian missionaries were asked to serve as de facto federal emissaries to the Read more…

David Barsamian: Activism On and Off the Reservation

pretty much linked to the rest of it. I had the benefit of presenting the research I had done to the UN. Then I asked if I could go and work in these communi­ties that were impacted. So I began by working down in the Navajo reservation in the Southwest on uranium mining, and then Read more…

Ward Churchill: The Crucible of American Indian Identity

Churchill   Among the most vexed and divisive issues afflicting Native North America at the dawn of the twenty-first century are the questions of who it is who has a legitimate right to say he or she is American Indian, and by what criteria/whose definition this may or may not be true. Such queries, and Read more…

Site Administrator: CrossCurrents: Imagine A Country

Holly Sklar   Imagine a country where one out of four children is born into poverty, and wealth is being redistributed upward. Since the 1970s, the top 1 percent of families have doubled their share of the nation’s wealth—while the percentage of children living in extreme poverty has also doubled. Highlighting growing wage inequality, the Read more…

Ward Churchill: Suppression of Indigenous Sovereignty in 20th Century United States

Ward Churchill   As the 20th century prepares to take its rightful place in the dustbin of history, the last vestiges of sovereignty among the more than 300 indigenous nations trapped inside the claimed boundaries of the United States are rapidly sliding into a kind of final oblivion. In one of official America’s supreme gestures Read more…

Elizabeth Martinez: It’s a Terrorist War on Immigrants

  In the spring of 1997, a Latino immigrant who had worked legally in the United States for 40 years committed suicide after receiving a letter saying that under the new welfare law his Supplemental Security Income (SSI) might end. Not long afterward a wheelchair-bound Russian immigrant threw himself off his balcony from the same Read more…

Michael Albert: Conspiracy Theory

NOWADAYS, WHEREVER they go, leftists encounter many questions from newly political folks about this or that political episode–the October Surprise, the BCCI scandal, Irancontra, David Duke–with an emphasis on who did what, when, and with what knowledge and intent. They field far fewer questions about the systemic causes of trends and events. People study the Read more…

Stephen Zunes: Anti-Semitism in U.S. Middle East Policy

Look, the Senator actually agrees with you,” pleaded the exasperated senior aide of a prominent liberal Democrat. He was being confronted by a group of us in the spring of 1992, all peace and human rights activists, about his boss’s strident support of Israel‘s right-wing Likud government and his indifference to the plight of the Read more…

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