Category: Racism

Shane Burley: Anti-Fascists Say They Are Protecting Communities From Right-Wing Violence, Not Fomenting “Terror”

“These protests are a spontaneous expression of anger, and demand for a change. At this time, anti-fascists should not be the center of attention.”

Natasha Lennard: Trump’s Threats to Antifa Are an Affront to Black Agency and a Risk to All Protest

In every major city where streets have been stormed, riot police have been confronted, and fires have blazed, we see anti-racist anti-fascism at work

Jack Rasmus: Confronting Institutional Racism

Breaking institutional racism requires an independent political movement, with a grass roots organizational structure. That independent movement is on the streets of America right now.

David S. Cohen: Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War

And with the Insurrection Act, he has the statutory authority to do so

Alexandra Svokos: Why some police officers stood with protesters outraged over George Floyd’s death

“There’s no alternative. We can’t impose our will on a community. It’s the community and the police together, and that’s what we’re doing in Camden”

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: A Class Rebellion

How Racism & Racial Terrorism Fueled Nationwide Anger

Cornel West: “America’s Moment of Reckoning”

Nationwide Uprising Is Sign of “Empire Imploding”

Zoltan Grossman: Deploying Federal Troops in a War at Home Would Make a Bad Situation Worse

A Partial History of Military Deployments on U.S. Soil

Ben Golliver: NBA players speak out to protest George Floyd’s death

In the days since George Floyd’s death first garnered national attention, current and former NBA players have expressed anger, condemned police brutality and played important roles in protests that have swept the country

Sally Jenkins: This is why Colin Kaepernick took a knee

Colin Kaepernick’s real offense was to open the box and hold up what is in front of the audience, instead of the triumphalist, self-congratulatory image the NFL wanted

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