Category: Racism

Andrea Mazzarino: How the War Came Home, Big Time

Perspectives From a Military Spouse

Mumia Abu Jamal: You Cannot Decarcerate by Using the Tools of Incarceration, Says Mumia Abu-Jamal

We must move for what we want, not for what we think the system can produce, because the system is the problem, not the solution to the problem

Cara Ng, Khelsilem: ‘Check your privilege’ is corrosive to our politics

We do not begrudge those who have lived their lives free from discrimination. We just hope that they are fighting alongside us for a world where human dignity is secured for all

Tamar Sarai Davis: Jailed Voters Can Swing Elections if they Know and Can Exercise their Rights

Unlike many people incarcerated in state and federal prisons legally ineligible to vote, moat in local jails — detained pretrial or held on misdemeanor charges — are legally eligible to vote, but are unable to do so

Peter Maass: When We Talk About Fox News, We Need to Talk About the Murdoch Family Too

Movements of racism and hate are not propelled by visual histrionics alone. They require platforms and they require capital

Justin Podur: The Police System That Terrorizes the Poor and Minorities Is Rooted in the Colonial Past

The default counterinsurgency mode is a consequence of being ruled by an elite that sees the whole population as the enemy

Jacqueline Skalski-Fouts: Migrants Face “Double Threat” Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A look at the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic with a particular focus on refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers

Michael Barajas: The Long Tail of Voter Suppression

As the growing number of Black and Latinx voters threaten the GOP’s stranglehold on power, attempts to limit safe voting options during the pandemic reveal a deeper sickness in Texas politics

Dennis J Bernstein: Structural Racism in Liberal Armor: Newsome’s Veto of Domestic Workers’ Rights Bill

“We won’t stop because we are unstoppable now and we can say the domestic workers are invincible and we are strong and we will not stop until he signs SB1257 and gives us the rights we deserve as essential workers.”

Kim Scipes: Fighting Racism in the USMC

By 1971, the Marine Corps had suffered racial outbreaks at every major Marine base in the world, except one

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