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Ted Glick: Religion and Revolution, Part Two

There is no hope, zero, for transformative change without effective organizations that are deeply rooted among our peoples, it is essential that we identify this problem as fundamental if we are to win

David Swanson: Take a Knee for Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion depends on the willingness to stand up for (or take a knee for) the right not to be compelled to worship

Josiah Hesse: Why evangelicals love Trump

The president has bragged about his sins and built a career on casinos and half-naked women. But as a former believer, I know they recognize a fellow outsider

Rabbi michael Lerner: Staying Power of Racism After Charlottesville

When a Left starts to talk about a world based on love and justice, and shows genuine compassion for those not yet in their ranks

Juan Cole: Astonished US Press

To his credit, Gov. Dayton cut through this bigotted b.s. and said, that is what this attack was, it was terrorism

Joseph Nevins: Pursuing ‘A Radical Faith’

What can the assassination of Sister Maura during El Salvador’s civil war teach us about humanity for Central American refugees today?

Peter Montgomery: Right wing thinking big

Under Trump, religious right leaders plan a big comeback: “We are in a war for the future of this republic”

Richard Falk: Jewish Ethnicity, Palestinian Solidarity, Human Identity

[Prefatory Note: the following interview with Abdo Emara, an Arab journalist was published in Arabic; it is here republished in slightly modified form. The changes made are either stylistic or clarifying. There are no substantive changes from my earlier responses. I think it worthwhile to share this text because the questions asked by Abdo Emara Read more…

Juan Cole: Did Trump’s Tweets embolden Bigots?

The London Mosque attack

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Towards a sociology of absences

This is 1913, we are at the hub of Europe’s cultural and political life, a hub that basically includes Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Munich, and, from a distance, also London. Cultural elites go on increasing their knowledge through newspapers, feuilletons and literary soirees, art galleries, concerts, and cultural gatherings in cafés. They feverishly keep abreast Read more…

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