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Robert Hunziker: Trump Kills Science – Nature Strikes Back

Federal agency scientists have been personally attacked and censored and reassigned to meaningless tasks not affiliated with their expertise and prevented from attending crucial conferences. Funding for science has been slashed

Mathew Lawrence: Time for politicians to get real about the anthropocene

We can’t afford to keep investing in a high-carbon economy when the world is on the brink of disaster

AFP: Air pollution plays significant role in diabetes: study

Diabetes affects more than 420 million people globally and is one of the world’s fastest growing diseases

George Monbiot: Our natural world is disappearing before our eyes

We have to save it

Juan Cole: Climate Terror Stalks us, and We Yawn– 3 Decades Later

The American (and world) public was informed about the dangers of global heating 30 years ago this week, on June 23, 1988, by climate scientist James Hansen. It turns out that Big Oil and other hydrocarbon industries were convinced of the dangers privately even before that, but hid their scientists’ findings from the public, causing Read more…

Katherine O’Donnell: From Barricades to Courtrooms

The Fight Against a Fracked Gas Future in New York State

George Monbiot: Butchery of the Planet

Defending the living world and its people requires a shift from meat to a plant-based diet

Jeremy Brecher: A Climate Constitution in the Courts and the Streets

What’s the Constitution got to do with climate? Current legal cases are now addressing that question

David Swanson: Tangier Island Is The Earth

If we are not doing everything we can to organize people to engage in massive nonviolent action to completely reverse destructive systemic behavior on the largest scale, we are in no position to criticize anyone

Margaret Flowers: Challenging Systems That Threaten Our Existence

There are bold and active campaigns going on to stop pipelines from British Columbia to the Bayou to the Appalachian Mountains

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