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Extinction Rebellion: Non-violently hitting our stride

As we approached the first weekend of the October Rebellion, it was humbling and inspiring to see that rebels showed no sign of slowing down

George Monbiot: Oil Strike

The oil companies have successfully transferred blame for their actions to us. It is time to fight back

Christopher d. Cook: Only Bernie’s Green New Deal Answers Greta’s Call for Action

It ‘simply won’t be enough if it stops this week and people just go home.’ To reverse today’s climate madness, we must connect the strikes and protests with politics and policy

Joshua Cho: Media Bury Studies of Pentagon’s Massive Carbon Bootprint

The Pentagon does not acknowledge that its own fuel use is a major contributor to climate change

Dave Holmes: Climate action: Only the most radical approach will work

We need an economy that is sustainable, decarbonised and with as little waste as possible and focused on meeting people’s needs. The capitalists are not interested in this

Extinction Rebellion: They gave their lives

For many, it’s only by means of this hard-won togetherness that our eyes can be opened to another harsh truth: that the emergency is not a future prospect, but is in fact a fact of life for countless people and communities around the world, and has been for decades

Aranyo Aarjan: It’s time to add global justice to XR’s demands

Extinction Rebellion must recognize the impacts of colonialism and capitalism, and demand a just transition for all

Gail Bradbrook: 700+ Arrested as Extinction Rebellion Fights Climate Crisis

Interview on the coordinated global protests

Kevin Zeese: Extinction Rebellion Protests Stop Business As Usual Across The Planet

Take to the streets on six continents, united in joyous, nonviolent rebellion against criminal inaction on the climate and ecological emergency

Extinction Rebellion: The Sun Rises on a New Wave of Rebellion

Our world is dying; to save it, we’ll need everyone – wherever and whoever you are – to do your bit

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