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Noam Chomsky: Will organized human life survive?

Noam Chomsky is Political Awareness Committee Student Organization Speaker at St. Olaf College

Pete Dolack: If you incentivize pollution, you incentive death

Once again, it is impossible to have infinite growth on a finite planet

Ted Glick: Wind and Solar 94, Gas 2

In the first quarter of 2018, according to FERC, approximately 2% of the new electrical generation capacity (power plants) came from natural gas, while 94% of it came from wind and solar

Robert Hunziker: Nature’s Breaking Point

Ever wonder how the classical philosophers/economists like Adam Smith and David Ricardo would view today’s credo of infinite economic growth, forever more, above and beyond yesteryear. Well, in a word, they would be horrified. Ricardo, similar to the father of capitalism Adam Smith, believed in the concept of a “stationary state” when the land gets Read more…

Finnian Murtagh: Why we need a fossil free London

Fossil fuels underpin a breadth of injustices in London. They also offer an opportunity to unite our struggles

Kevin Zeese: Earth Day: Conflict Over The Future Of The Planet

In order for people to create transformative changes, we need a well-educated activist community

Nicholas Cunningham: Fueling Elections in Mexico and Brazil

What could the results of Mexico and Brazil’s upcoming elections have in store for energy policies and the oil industry?

Elliott Negin: ExxonMobil Is Being Sued for Climate Damages

Communities in Colorado—one of the fastest-warming states—have joined coastal cities in trying to make Big Oil pay

Kate Aronoff: Denial By A Different Name

Any climate politics so closely identified with the global elite in 2018 is dead on arrival

Steve Early: The Greening of Vermont

Review of Going Up the Country: When the Hippies, Dreamers, Freaks, and Radicals Moved to Vermont by Yvonne Daley and Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance by Bill McKibben

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