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Extinction Rebellion: Radiohead joins the Rebellion

Yes, you read that subject right. Faced with a ransom from hackers, the legendary rock band instead opted for rebellion, releasing 18 hours of unheard material in an album online and donating the proceeds to Extinction Rebellion. (!) Needless to say we’re very grateful. No industry, sphere or genre is exempt from the threat of Read more…

Joshua Cho: According to NYT, ‘Relentless Flooding’ in Midwest Just Happens

Asking whether the climate crisis caused the flooding is a failure to understand the conceptual distinction between weather phenomena like droughts, floods and unremarkable days, and the climate

Bue Rübner Hansen: “Batshit jobs”

An in-depth look at workers’ participation in the climate and ecological breakdown, and how this might be transformed into ecological care, and leveraged for change

Rachel Waldholz: Europe faces climate policy polarisation

‘Green wave’ vs right-wing populism

Isabel Marlens: The Farms of the Future

Farms of the future should be regenerative, diverse, accessible, community-oriented, places of celebration

Joseph Stiglitz: The climate crisis is our third world war

It needs a bold response

Tara Lohan: How to Build the Green New Deal?

Cities and States May Already Have Answers

Missy comley Beattie: Putting Values Into Action

So, are we to assume these constituents would rather suffer respiratory conditions, heart disease, neurotoxicity, early death than endure view, sound, and the flicker of windmills?

Graham Peebles: Global Rebellion to Save Our Planet

Eco-anxiety, defined as “a chronic fear of environmental doom”, is on the rise in many countries triggering feelings of rage, grief, despair and shame

Joe Maniscalco: New Calls For A General Strike In The Face Of Coming Climate Catastrophe

“What we need to understand is that climate struggle is class struggle”

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