Category: Climate Change

Juan Cole: Offshore Wind a “New Industrial Revolution”

The costs of wind, both onshore and offshore, are falling rapidly

Carla Santos Skandier: Time has come to nationalize the US fossil fuel industry

As we gear up for a war-type of mobilization to mitigate the climate crisis, a federal takeover of the oil, gas and coal industry should be on the table

William Minter: The Green New Deal Must Be Global

For a planet-wide climate crisis, solutions must also span the planet

John Feffer: Is the Slowing Global Economy a Boon or Bane?

Some economists worry the world has passed “peak globalization.” But that could be good for the planet

Birds & Bees: Taking flight for all living things

The Birds and The Bees PSA was created by concerned citizens as an act of free speech

Evaggelos Vallianatos: Farm Rot is Eating America Alive

In this futile struggle against nature, farmers keep adding more of old sprays, and often replace old chemicals with newer more acutely deleterious materials

Mark Howden: To Avoid Boiling the Earth, we Need a New Agriculture

Farming emits 1/3 of Greenhouse Gases

Robert J. Burrowes: Our Vanishing World: Rainforests

In essence, you have a choice: understand and act on the crucial importance of rainforests before we destroy their integrity and lose them completely. Or help to accelerate the human rush to extinction as a consequence of failing to do so

Richard Moser: Climate Crisis Means the Ruling Class has Failed

Can the Working Class Inherit the Earth?

George Monbiot: Dirtiest Industries Have Learned to Pollute Our Politics

While the global climate crisis demands we rise above narrow self-interest and short-termism, governments now represent the meanest and dirtiest of special interests

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