Category: Climate Change

Miles Kampf-Lassin: A Bold New Plan to Tackle Climate Change

In a livestreamed town hall event, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez laid out the best hope yet to stave off climate disaster and transform our economy: A Green New Deal. And now it’s gaining support in Congress

Ted Glick: McNamee Win a Pyrrhic Victory for Fossil Fuelers?

For the first time in my memory, a critical mass of groups joined together, about ten national and many local, state and regional ones, to fight a FERC nomination

Winona La Duke: Call for Indigenous-Led “Green New Deal”

Interview on the indigenous-led fight against destructive oil pipelines and the revolutionary potential of the Green New Deal

Kate Aronoff: What a Green New Deal Could Look Like for the Next Generation

With the right investment, new jobs won’t be hard to come by

Juan Cole: Dangerous CO2 Spurt

How the Rich Countries are Failing to Curb Climate Emergency

David Swanson: Yemen, Poisoned Water, and a Green New Deal

Wars and the preparations for more wars consume a huge amount of oil.

Carl Pope: “Yellow vest” protesters in Paris and Green New Dealers at home

Enemies, or future comrades?

Kevin Zeese: Climate Crisis Made Worse

Change is going to come from the bottom up

Vijay Prashad: Oil industry squabbles

What the G20 and OPEC meetings mean for the political relations, economies, and people of the world

Bernie Sanders: Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

Interview on efforts to pass a Green New Deal, raise the minimum wage and protect Social Security

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