Category: Climate Change

Juan Cole: Pope to Trump: Climate Change is Real

Pope Francis notes the near unanimity of scientists on the danger of human-made climate change

H. Patricia Hynes: How the Light Gets In

In the northern Great Plains, likely the richest wind regime in the world, the potential of tribal wind power exceeds 300 gigawatts across six states

Yves Engler: A Blight On The Planet

What would happen if a social balance sheet, as well as financial one, had to be filed every year and companies continually in a deficit position would eventually disappear?

Juan Cole: The Other Terrorism

Toxic CO2 Gas Promoted by Trump Budget, Shell

Dahr Jamail: Coral Reefs Could All Die Off by 2050

The Great Barrier Reef has been dying off at an unprecedented rate due primarily to warming ocean waters

Bridget Burns: A feminist revolution demands climate justice

Feminist leaders, particularly indigenous women and grassroots organisers, have to be at the frontlines of climate change decision-making

Dean Baker: Global warming must be addressed now

There are two enormous myths about global warming. One is that dealing with it is optional. The other is that the measures needed to slow the process will devastate the economy. Neither is true. On the first point, we are already seeing major changes in weather that are almost certainly related to global warming, both Read more…

Ted Glick: The Merkley Climate Bill and the Climate Movement

US Senator Jeff Merkley, with co-sponsorship from Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and Ed Markey, has introduced a major piece of climate legislation, the “100 by ‘50 Act.” The primary objective of the bill is “to transition away from fossil fuel sources of energy to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050.” I started hearing about Read more…

Juan Cole: The quest for 100% Renewables

Are some major industrial countries only a decade or two from getting all their electricity from non-fossil fuel sources?

Steve Phillips: Jobs and industry in the Hunter Valley

Context for a conversation about a Just Transition away from coal

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