Category: Climate Change

Erik Molvar: Should federal public lands be prioritized for renewable energy development?

Solutions that sacrifice one aspect of our planet’s biosphere to assist another are unsustainable and irresponsible

Adam R. Aron: Climate Action by the U-California is more Spin than Substance

We are calling on the university to truly divest, as a matter of urgency

Juan Cole: Climate-Driven Monster Cyclone, Coronavirus hits Thousands in India,Bangladesh

Oceans have been heated by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, which trap the heat of the sun’s rays and prevent them from radiating back out into outer space

Extinction Rebellion: What do laptops, children’s shoes and fake oil spills have in common?

Using their laptops and phones, and specially coded software, hundreds of synchronised rebels have bombarded websites, swarmed social media, and email blitzed major polluters and their enablers

Don Fitz: Soaring Beyond the Green New Deal

mong ideas for decreasing emissions to a sustainable level none has generated more enthusiasm than proposals for a Green New Deal

Asbjørn Wahl: Workers’ Power + Renewable Electrification of the Whole Economy

Democratization of the economy does not come as a result of rational considerations and convincing arguments alone. It will be necessary to challenge some of the strongest economic interests in society, related to fossil energy

Murtaza Hussain: There’s No One Worse Than Trump on Climate and War

Unless you have great personal wealth and are benefiting from Trump’s eye-watering tax cuts on the rich, there will not be any safe haven from what a second term will mean

Hadas Thier: A Chance to Transform Energy Production

Now is the opportunity to move away from oil extraction and build a rational system of clean energy

Arundhati Roy: Our Task is to Disable the Engine

Covid-19 and the “super-surveillance” state

Hannah Ellis-Petersen, Rebecca Ratcliffe, Sam Cowie, Joe Parkin Daniels and Lily Kuo: Disbelief in big cities as air pollution falls

‘It’s positively alpine’

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