Category: Climate Change

Alex James: Lobbying politicians is holding back the climate movement

The lobbying and state-directed demands of climate NGOs are hurting the UK’s climate movement. We need to organize our struggle at a distance from the state

Colin Jerolmack: Ending Fracking by 2035

The planet-destroying reactionaries steered the conversation onto their turf and away from the brutal reality that if we want to survive as a species, one small thing we must do is stop fracking

Juan Cole: Greening Earth and creating Jobs

Biden to slash Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Extend Wind, Solar Credits

Noam Chomsky: Without Regrets

In a wide-ranging talk, the 92-year-old rebel with many causes discusses the role of activists, intellectuals and Joe Biden in America

John Scales Avery: Ecology And Economics

Humanity has reached a critical decade

Daniel Ellsberg: Daniel Ellsberg at 90 – “It’s Still Possible to Save Humanity”

It will take a miracle to avoid catastrophic climate change and nuclear war, but it’s still possible we can create such a miracle

Ted Glick: A Winning Climate and Political Approach

If the Biden proposal is the best that can be passed this year, then it should be supported and passed, but with a clear understanding that it is a beginning, not an end

CJ Polychroniou: A Green New Deal Is More Affordable in the Long Term Than Fossil Fuels

It is naïve and dangerous to rely on the “invisible hand” of the market either for economic transformation or for a solution to the problem of climate change

Kenn Orphan: Humans, Nature and the Illusion of Separateness

For too long we have allowed the narrative to be dictated by the myth of our separateness and dominance over the earth and all that lives here

Dan Dinello: Winning the War for Earth

Kim Stanley Robinson’s subversive new Novel Rejects Doomism and Imagines a Hopeful Solution to the Climate Emergency

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