Category: Climate Change

Johannah-Rae Reyes: Building towards climate resilience in the Caribbean

The climate crisis is posing an existential threat to the Caribbean — labor unions have a crucial role to play in preventing and preparing for impending disasters

Ted Glick: No Line 3! No New Fossil Fuel Projects! Climate Emergency!

There ain’t no power like the power of the people when organized peoples, joining together, don’t stop

Noam Chomsky: Ireland has robbed poor working people of tens of trillions of dollars

Interview on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the morality of Ireland’s tax regime and whether the human race can avoid the twin catastrophes of global warming and nuclear war

Siqiñiq Maupin: “People vs. Fossil Fuels”

Over 530 Arrested in Historic Indigenous-Led Climate Protests in D.C.

Noam Chomsky: The GOP Is a “Gang of Radical Sadists”

Noam Chomsky notes, there is plenty of room for despair in America right now. But he insists that, despite it all, we have ample reason for hope

Michael T. Klare: How to Save the World (from a Climate Armageddon)

There’s Only One Way and This Is It

Extinction Rebellion: Preparing For The Worst

If climate change conferences were concerts, COP26 would undoubtedly be the biggest gig of the year. Pre-COP would be the warm-up act.

Siddharth Joshi: Solar panels on half the world’s roofs could meet its entire electricity demand

Rooftop solar has huge potential to alleviate energy poverty and put clean, pollution-free power back in the hands of consumers worldwide

Jessica Corbett: 90 More Arrested as Victims of Climate Chaos Descend on White House

“How much longer will the future of our communities be on the shoulders of citizens without the backing of our elected officials?”

Patrick Parenteau: Puerto Rico has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a clean energy grid

But FEMA plans to spend $9.4 billion on fossil fuel infrastructure instead

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