Category: Climate Change

Jason Hickel: Averting the Apocalypse

Lessons from Costa Rica

Zoltan Grossman: Olympia Train Blockade Hits Again

Even if the Olympia train blockaders are again removed by police in coming hours or days, they are part of a larger regional movement taking responsibility to act in the face of the climate crisis

Pete Dolack: More talking

Climate summit’s solution to global warming

David Swanson: Against Thanksgiving

If everyone showed enough grasp of reality to turn the day after Thanksgiving into a day of mass nonviolent action for survival, rather than a day of extreme materialism, I’d have no objection to Thanksgiving

Sue Sturgis: Injustice of proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Percent of the population within a mile of the ACP’s route through North Carolina that’s Native American: 13.2

Michael T. Klare: Beyond Harvey and Irma

Until Trump moved into the White House, however, senior military officers in the Pentagon were speaking openly of the threats posed to American security by climate change and how that phenomenon might alter the very nature of their work.

Louis Mendee: Climate change driving suicides

The real human costs of climate change for the global south

Naomi Klein: Elon Musk Will Not Lead Climate Leap

Los Angeles activists are fighting for climate justice, but at nearby Tesla—green jobs aren’t good jobs

Kevin Anderson: Scientists Issue Dire Warning

A group of 15,000 scientists have come together to issue a dire “second notice” to humanity, 25 years after a group of scientists issued the “first notice” warning the world about climate change

Margaret Flowers: People Act Where US Fails On Climate

Every crisis offers an opportunity for radical positive transformation

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