Category: Climate Change

Jim Naureckas: Climate Change Made Florence a Monster

But Media Failed to Tell That Story

Gopal Dayaneni: A Debate on Geoengineering

Should We Deliberately “Hack” Planet Earth to Combat Climate Change?

Bill McKibben: Limiting Emissions Is Not Enough

We Must Keep the Oil in the Soil

Kevin Zeese: We Can No Longer Afford A Fossil Fuel Economy

The movement is building power. The path needed is clear, but escalation is urgent

Amy Goodman: Rise for Climate

Tens of Thousands March in San Francisco Calling for Fossil-Free World

Marlowe Hood: California commits to 100% clean electricity by 2045

California Governor Jerry Brown signed landmark legislation Monday committing his state to a 100 percent clean electricity grid by 2045

Juan Cole: Masses around Globe Rally against Climate Crisis

Environmental activists protested Saturday in 90 countries and 800 cities across the globe and the United States against inaction on the Climate Crisis

Paul Street: Climate of Class Rule: Common(s)er Revolt or Common Ruin

The best bet we have, my fellow world citizens and common(s)ers, is is eco-socialist people’s revolution here on the planet itself

Simon Pirani: The road away from fossil fuels

The transition away from fossil fuels will be a transition away from capitalism towards a society that lives in harmony with nature, fashioning from it what it needs, not what feeds profit. Politically, that has to be fought for outside the UN process

Don Fitz: Is Nuclear Power a Solution to the Climate Crisis?

The great environmental challenge of our time is to understand that the many sources of biodestruction are interconnected and must be confronted simultaneously, rather than disparaging one danger to focus on another

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