Category: Climate Change

Christine MacDonald: Exxon Spends Millions on Facebook To Keep the Fossil Fuel Industry Alive

Aided by a right-wing political consulting firm, the company is rallying supporters to fight for oil and gas interests at every level of government

Juan Cole: A clear Choice on Climate

Trump wants to Wreck the Planet; Biden has taken strides toward a Green Vision

Paris Marx: Only Class War Can Stop Climate Change

A new report shows that the world’s top 1 percent is responsible for double the emissions of the entire bottom half of the planet. The message is clear: to fight climate change, we have to fight the ruling class.

Noam Chomsky: The President, the Pandemic & the Election

The urgent problem of overcoming the existential crises—global warming, nuclear war, pandemics—has to be done within the general framework of existing institutions. We can improve them. But you won’t be able to overcome them in the relevant time frame

Juan Cole: At Townhall, Biden Promises Big Green Infrastructure and Jobs

Spain’s Example Suggests he is Right

Juan Cole: Amy Coney Barrett: You can’t be pro-life if you deny burning Fossil Fuels causes Climate Emergency

Denialism is Mass Murder

Danna Smith: Europe Drives Destruction of US Forests in the Name of Fighting Climate Change

The Southern U.S. is now the world’s largest producer and exporter of wood pellets. Under the guise of “renewable energy,” the voracious European demand for wood pellets has put forests and communities in this region at increased risk.

CJ Polychroniou: A Global Green New Deal Project

Why a Global Green New Deal Project is the only way to address climate change

Steve Horn: After Dakota Access CEO gave $10M, Trump pushed secret pipeline permits

“It wouldn’t be the first time he’s given Trump cash shortly before getting lucky with his pipelines”

Tom Engelhardt: Murder, He Said: America’s Maestro of Death and Destruction

His urge is visibly not just to be an autocrat, but to commit mass murder nationwide and on a planetary scale deep into the future

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