Category: Climate Change

Juan Cole: As Wind, Solar, surge, Renewables to be Globe’s largest Source of Electricity by 2025

The International Energy Agency just issued a report concluding that wind and solar are growing rapidly, unlike beleaguered fossil fuels, and that in only five years they will be generating a third of the world’s electricity, overtaking coal

Extinction Rebellion: Our Lungs Won’t Last

It took four agonising days to hear them, but the American people have spoken. They have rejected four more years of fossil fuel promotion and climate science denial

Thomas Klikauer: Dark Water Rising

Given the Republican party’s denial of climate change – often seen as a left-wing conspiracy theory – the US Army is forced to talk about the impact of rising water level like immature schoolboys talk about sex, using code words and suggestive language

Nick Turse: A Convergence of Calamities

Record Numbers of War-Displaced to Be Dwarfed by Those Driven From Their Homes by Climate Change

Sharon Lerner: Georgia Senator Dismisses Climate Change While Enjoying Protected Beachfront Mansion

Facing runoff, Sen. David Perdue says climate change is a hoax, but his beach community is sure worried about rising sea levels

David Swanson: Everything Will Fundamentally Change

Either everything will change for the better or one or both of the twin dangers of environmental and nuclear apocalypse will change everything for the worse

Ted Glick: Want USA Unity? Go Solar and Wind

A rapid acceleration of wind and solar isn’t just good for our destabilizing climate. It’s also a job creator, millions of socially-valuable, potentially union jobs

Maeve Campbell: The 18-year-old climate campaigner ‘preparing for the worst’

“I am just taking it one class, one meal, one step at a time, trying to envision the future, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.”

Dharna Noor: The Most Important Climate Ballot Initiatives to Watch on Election Day

This election is full of existential choices from President to crucial races for the Senate and House. There are also a number of important state and local ballot initiatives and referendums that will influence our ability to preserve the biosphere

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Let This Moment Radicalize You’

These moments aren’t about ignoring your fear. It’s about turning that fear into the fuel propelling us forward

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