Category: Global Warming

Tim DeChristopher: Mitigation, Adaptation & Suffering

Interview on how the progressive movement’s strategies need to change in now that climate change’s real impacts are more obvious to the American public

Naomi Klein: Watering Down Paris?

Bernie’s Medicare-for-All Bill & the Future of the Democratic Party

Michael T. Klare: Beyond Harvey and Irma

Militarizing Homeland Security in the Climate-Change Era

George Monbiot: Capitalism can only destroy planet

The demand for perpetual economic growth, and the collective madness it provokes, leads inexorably to environmental collapse

Kevin Edmonds: After the Hurricane(s)

From climate change to dependence on tourism, the Caribbean today faces a variety of existential threats

Juan Cole: Green energy success stories

After Hurricane Irma in Florida, millions have been without electricity. But those Floridians who had solar panels plus an inverter or a Tesla powerwall were able to recover electricity immediately

Naomi Klein: Their Ideology Is on the Line

Irma Won’t “Wake Up” Climate Change-Denying Republicans

Andrew King: Irma, Harvey & climate change

It’s clear that climate has worsened the impacts of Atlantic hurricanes and will continue to do so

Naomi Klein: Season of Smoke

In a Summer of Wildfires and Hurricanes, My Son Asks “Why Is Everything Going Wrong?”

Dahr Jamail: New World of Wildfires

Stepping outside, the world appears a surreal yellow

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