Category: Global Warming

Brenda Ekwurzel: Wildfires Are Faster, Stronger, Deadlier

Interview on climate change

John Feffer: Disrupters in Chief

From Washington to Rome, so-called “populist” politicians are hacking away at a genuinely broken status quo. But their alternatives are either uninspired or terrifying

George Monbiot: Contrary to Reason

Rosy worldviews that rely on avoiding inconvenient truths should always set alarm bells ringing

Juan Cole: 20,000 Scientists are Deeply Alarmed about Humanity

The “Letter Warning Humanity” from scientists has now been signed by over 20,000 scientists, as The Independent notes. The reason for this alarm is given in these charts: They show alarmingly accelerating carbon dioxide emissions (we were up worldwide again last year), declining access to fresh water, and endangered species and other dangers facing the Read more…

Mary Mazzoni: 6 Major Findings From Federal Climate Science Special Report

When it comes to climate, it’s the Trump administration against the world

Baher Kamal: The Polar Vultures

Corporations flock to melting Arctic for oil and trade routes

Kevon Paynter: First U.S. City to Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion

Portland, Ore., climate activists celebrate a win against Big Oil as city- and state-level initiatives gain momentum across the country

Zoltan Grossman: Olympia Train Blockade

For the second time in the past year, Washington activists blocked a train carrying oil fracking supplies from leaving the Port of Olympia on the Salish Sea The blockade camp prevented a possible shipment of ceramic proppants from being shipped to the Bakken oil shale basin in North Dakota, and possibly other fracking operations.

Robert Pollin: Achieving Zero Emissions With a Green New Deal

Even if the Federal Government Won’t Help

Kara Moses: Civil disobedience & climate change

Across the world, thousands of protesters are taking on the planet’s biggest fossil fuel companies. We should support them – and if we can, we should join them

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