Category: Global Warming

Todd Miller: The Era of Walls

Greeting Climate-Change Victims With a Man-Made Dystopia

Basav Sen: The U.S. Is a Climate Rogue State

It’s time for the world to consider sanctioning the U.S. and companies who benefit from its efforts to undermine climate action

Jay Walljasper: Bicycling Will Continue to Soar in Popularity

The future of mobility is bigger than cars

John Bellamy Foster: The Long Ecological Revolution

To overcome centuries of alienation of nature and human labor, including the treatment of the global environment and most people as mere objects of conquest, expropriation, and exploitation, will require nothing less than a long ecological revolution

Pete Dolack: More talking

Climate summit’s solution to global warming

Louis Mendee: Climate change driving suicides

The real human costs of climate change for the global south

Naomi Klein: Elon Musk Will Not Lead Climate Leap

Los Angeles activists are fighting for climate justice, but at nearby Tesla—green jobs aren’t good jobs

Kevin Anderson: Scientists Issue Dire Warning

A group of 15,000 scientists have come together to issue a dire “second notice” to humanity, 25 years after a group of scientists issued the “first notice” warning the world about climate change

Margaret Flowers: People Act Where US Fails On Climate

Every crisis offers an opportunity for radical positive transformation

Juan Cole: Renewable Success Stories

The average Swede emits over 4 tons of carbon dioxide a year. That is better than Europe’s average 6 tons and ‘way better than the US average of 16 tons per year per person

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