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Colin Todhunter: Gates Unhinged: Dystopian Vision for Agrifood Must Not Succeed

We are currently seeing an acceleration of the corporate consolidation of the entire global agrifood chain

Juan Cole: Greening Earth and creating Jobs

Biden to slash Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Extend Wind, Solar Credits

George Monbiot: Sea Change

At last people are waking up to the fishing industry’s devastating impacts

Chokwe Antar Lumumba: Jackson Mayor Demands Help After Month-Long Water Crisis

Residents in Jackson, Mississippi, have been facing a water crisis over the last five weeks, with many people lacking reliable access to clean drinking water after deadly February winter storms caused pipes and water mains to burst

Thomas M. Hanna: Biden Could Help Prevent Water Crises Like the One in Jackson

The ongoing crisis in Jackson, Mississippi shows why President Biden must reject privatization in his infrastructure plan

Alleen Brown: After Texas, Green New Deal Advocates Push Rooftop Solar

Will Biden Fund It?

Dean Baker: The Green New Deal Threatens Republicans’ Bread and Butter

It’s Not Just Competition in the Battle of Ideas

Ted Glick: A Big Victory at FERC

Electrification of power sources, transportation vehicles and heating and cooling systems is absolutely essential to make a clean energy revolution in enough time to prevent escalating and massive, worldwide climate catastrophe

Ashley Dawson: Lessons from Climate/Energy Emergency in Texas

Texas’s energy crisis may be particularly grave, but it far from an isolated case. Today’s electric grids are a relic of the early twentieth century

Scot Quaranda: Biden’s EPA Nominee Must Act on Forests to Be an Environmental Justice Champion

Please Help ZNet       Source: Truthout Photo by OlegRi/Shutterstock The confirmation process for President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the current secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ) Michael Regan, has begun. While many environmental groups have enthusiastically supported his appointment, his leadership on environmental Read more…

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