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Don Fitz: Dammed Good Questions about the Green New Deal

Are GND proponents willing to consider the possibility that life would be better for all species, including humans, if corporations and governments are not allowed to increase energy production? If so, we might even save a few aquatic ecosystems

Alejandro Lopez-Gonzalez: Venezuela’s Thermoelectric Power Plants

The Venezuelan Observatory of Political Economy argues in favour of a sustainable electrical generation model based on wind power

Joël Foramitti, Marula Tsagkari, Christos Zografos: Why degrowth is the only responsible way forward

A reduction of economic activity is necessary and just – and can lead to human flourishing

Catherine Tumber: Land Without Bread

A Green New Deal frames guidance on state and local policy, farmland protection must be central—foundational—to its goals and funding priorities

Marjorie Cohn: Amazon Fires Will Have Global Consequences. The UN Must Act

The Amazon is burning. Nearly 75,000 fires have started in the iconic Brazilian rainforest this year to date, an 84 percent increase from the year before. Since August 10, a spate of intentionally set fires have been raging in the Amazon. But Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro, who took office in January, let them burn for two weeks before sending Read more…

Hilary Wainwright: Labour can help the Harland and Wolff workers make renewables

In the 1970s, Lucas Aerospace workers had a plan to make socially useful products and went to minister for industry Tony Benn for help. Do the workers occupying their shipyard in Belfast have a similar ally in John McDonnell?

Juan Cole: Offshore Wind a “New Industrial Revolution”

The costs of wind, both onshore and offshore, are falling rapidly

Evaggelos Vallianatos: Farm Rot is Eating America Alive

In this futile struggle against nature, farmers keep adding more of old sprays, and often replace old chemicals with newer more acutely deleterious materials

Conn Hallinan: Rivers of Dust

Water & the Middle East

Ellen Brown: The Cheapest Way to Save the Planet Grows Like a Weed

Hemp products can promote biodiversity and reverse environmental pollution by replacing petrochemical-based plastics, which are now being dumped into the ocean at the rate of one garbage truck per minute

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