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Robert Hunziker: Factory Farms Destroy Ecosystems

In total, three hundred fifty thousand chemicals are now altering the composition of the surface of the planet

Robert Pollin: Nationalizing Fossil Fuel Industry Is a Practical Solution to Rising Inflation

We absolutely cannot allow neoliberalism to bask in a new wave of legitimacy in the name of fighting inflation

Juan Cole: Will Germany’s Pause of Russian Gas Pipeline over Ukraine Galvanize its Green Energy Switch?

It seems at least possible that a cancellation of Nord Stream 2 could strengthen the hand of the Greens within the ruling national government

Cat Hobbs: Public Ownership of Energy Companies Is the Only Way to Solve the Energy Crisis

Energy bills are soaring, and the climate crisis is worsening. The one solution for the energy sector is to bring it under public ownership

Wenonah Hauter: The Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn’t Create Nearly as Many Jobs as it Says It Does

The industry is wildly fudging the numbers to make itself look like a major job creator. We shouldn’t be fooled

Andrew Nikiforuk: Are Electric Cars the Solution?

What we really need to do is seriously imagine a society with fewer vehicles and drivers — human-scaled technology

Prabir Purkayastha: The Geopolitics Behind Spiraling Gas and Electricity Prices in Europe

Gas wars in Europe are very much a part of the larger geostrategic battle being waged by the US using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Ukraine

Brooke Anderson: Indigenous Farmworkers Can Show How to Heal Our Burning Planet

Grape harvesters share traditional ecological knowledge to right our relationship with the land—and each other.

Kendall Dix: Water for All

Americans regularly lose access to water simply because they are poor and unable to pay their bills. Water bills are cruel and unnecessary. We should just get rid of them

Juan Cole: Power and light for everyone

This technology is going to get so cheap that it will be impossible for fossil fuels to compete and the latter will all shut down. That day is not far off, and is much nearer than most people realize

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