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Vijay Prashad: These Migrant Workers Did Not Suddenly Fall From the Sky

They have not benefited from their work, but they have certainly enriched the few who are now hiding with their wealth behind their curtains, afraid of the reality that made them rich

David Bacon: America’s Farmworkers—Now ‘Essential,’ but Denied the Just-Enacted Benefits

The undocumented workers who pick the nation’s food are excluded from the CARES Act

RootsAction: Pandemic and Bernie Sanders: “Still Ahead of His Time”

Progressive Advocates Release Video Illustrating Senator Bernie Sanders’ Career-Long Support for a System Able to Solve Healthcare Crises

Tana Ganeva: NYC Has Done Almost Nothing to Protect 70,000 People in its Homeless Shelters

“We’re second-class citizens, on par with the prisons, no supplies [there] either.”

Jack Rasmus: Covid 19 & the Forgotten Working Class

Why isn’t the ‘still working working class’ being properly rewarded for the hazardous jobs they’re doing, the long hours, the unhealthy working conditions?

Barbara Ehrenreich: ‘I Have to Admit, I’m Scared’

Looking Towards the Future

David Rovics: Open Letter to My Landlord

If there is to be a class war in America, it is people like you who started it.  We are only responding to your mindless greed and the broken system which people like you broke and make sure stays broken

Cea Weaver: #CancelRent

Tenants Demand Rent Relief & Organize Strikes as Unemployment Surges Due to COVID-19

Jake Johnson: US Unemployment Rate Could Soon Reach 32%

During Great Depression It Peaked at 25%

H. Patricia Hynes: Winners: Wars, Walls and Wealthy; Losers: Diplomacy, Public Health, Environment

Why do we fail in protecting our own people’s health and well-being while we squander more than a trillion dollars each year – with the assent of both Republicans and Democrats – on maintaining a failed and futile military empire across the world?

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