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Jake Johnson: US Unemployment Rate Could Soon Reach 32%

During Great Depression It Peaked at 25%

H. Patricia Hynes: Winners: Wars, Walls and Wealthy; Losers: Diplomacy, Public Health, Environment

Why do we fail in protecting our own people’s health and well-being while we squander more than a trillion dollars each year – with the assent of both Republicans and Democrats – on maintaining a failed and futile military empire across the world?

Tim Schneider: Now We Have Your Attention

Review of Jack Shenker’s latest book, Now We Have Your Attention: The New Politics of the People

Sarah Anderson: Why CEO pay belongs at the center of the coronavirus bailout debate

he fact that so many Americans are facing dire circumstances now is a direct result of the exploitation economy and we should take this opportunity to change it

Bernie Sanders: ‘The universe is collapsing’

Bernie Sanders mocks Republicans over coronavirus aid

Dave Lindorff: A Triage Crisis is Coming, and It’s Personal

Hospitals in Seattle, are seriously planning for how to decide which patients will get one of the limited number of ventilators available, and which ones will be left to fend for themselves

Sam Pizzigati: How to Wage War, FDR-Style, on Our Pandemic

People fight harder, Franklin Roosevelt understood, when the rich don’t get richer

Kary Love: Boomer remover

Yes, some kids, believing they are immune to COVID-19, actually appear to be celebrating the spread among the “Boomers” who will die at higher rate

Sam Gindin: Coronavirus and the Search for Alternatives

A deeper fear lurks in business circles. Has globalization plateaued? Might the further spread of the virus “put globalization into reverse?”

Jonathan Cook: A lesson coronavirus is about to teach the world

The US health system is by far the most expensive in the world, but also the most inefficient

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