Category: Economics

Rod Driver: Bloodsucker Capitalism

How Big Companies Extract Wealth From Everyone Else

Rod Driver: There is No Such Thing as a Free Market

The mainstream media’s use of the term ‘free markets’ is propaganda

Andrew J. Bacevich: Beyond Donald Trump

When Poisons Curdle

Thomas Klikauer: The Risk of Capitalism

Lloyds is an organization generally not exposed to the danger of harboring socialist or radical environmentalist thoughts. Yet, its factual evidence contradicts virtually all key elements of neoliberalism’s belief system

Robert Pollin: Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Is a Vital Beginning for a New New Deal

This reliance on big pocketed financiers will be a continuing obstacle to truly reorienting finance to serve society

Sam Pizzigati: Fun and Games at GameStop

Amid a rising billionaire tide, could a blip help change our national economic conversation?

Richard D. Wolff: The U.S. Economy Excels at One Thing: Producing Massive Inequality

Deepening U.S. inequality flows directly from this capitalist organization of production—its class system

Dean Baker: Trump Crazy and Intellectual Crazy

Structuring patents and copyrights in ways that redistribute an enormous amount of income to people with skills in math and science was a policy choice. It was not the blind path of technology

Pete Dolack: Private sector is “efficient” only at extracting money from public

There is nothing that capitalists won’t grab if they see a possibility to score a profit. Not even the most basic needs for human life, such as water, are exempt

Thomas Klikauer: How Austerity Is Re-Shaping Work Regimes

In the period since 2010, when Austerity mania took over government policies fuelled by media calls to balance the books, the capital-media alliance has been a winning ticket

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