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Paul Street: Big Brother Capitalism Strikes Back

“Free market” capitalists aren’t really opposed to “big government.” They’re only really opposed to left-handed, social-democratic government

Stan Cox: Can the climate survive electoral democracy? Maybe. Can it survive capitalism? No.

We have to use what’s left of our democracy (inside and especially outside of electoral politics) to simultaneously fight the fascism that threatens humanity and the capitalism that threatens the Earth as a whole

Jack Rasmus: Despite Scrapping TPP, Donald Trump Is a Dedicated Free Trader

Whether multi or bilateral, free trade is free trade, and workers, consumers and the environment pay for the profits of corporations

Kenrya Rankin: When It Comes to Racial Wealth Gap, Structural Racism Always Wins

“Individual choices are not sufficient to erase a century of accumulated wealth: structural racism trumps personal responsibility.”

Pete Dolack: Wall Street bigger and badder than ever

Any form of democratic control of an economy would be impossible without banking and finance being reduced to a public utility, and thus serving to benefit communities rather than existing as a parasite

David Harvey: Rebel Cities, Urban Resistance and Capitalism

Massive wealth and capital haven’t budged one bit, so far. We have to give it a huge push if we want to see something different in our society

Andrew Dolan: It’s time to really take control

The left must match the anti-establishment rhetoric of the right, but with a different politics

Pete Dolack: Eight people own as much as half the world

Does anyone believe that the world’s elites are going to suddenly accept business as usual can no longer go on and willingly give up their enormous privileges?

Dean Baker: Davos Man Is a Neanderthal Protectionist

Davos Man has no particular interest in a free market or unregulated economic system. They only object to interventions that reduce their income

Dean Baker: Is Globalization to Blame?

Among the many myths about globalization, the worst is that the loss of large numbers of manufacturing jobs in the United States (and Europe) was inevitable

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