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Linda Hodges: The Immigration and Refugee Human Revenue Stream

If you want to understand any problem in America, you need to focus on who profits from the problem…” Dr. Amos Wilson Long before Donald Trump’s 2015 presidential announcement speech, in which he castigated and disparaged Mexican and Middle Eastern immigrants, the United States already had the disgraceful distinction of maintaining the largest immigration detention Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Could a Leftist Bring Growth Back to France?

Europe cannot endure another decade of mass unemployment, which denies a future to so many young people and fuels the xenophobic far right

Robert Pollin: Alternatives to Trump’s Economic Plan

Trump made specific promises to many of the voters who were instrumental in getting him elected — some of whom are people living in poverty, thanks in part to the impacts of globalization. Yet, his economic plan will do nothing for most Americans, argues Robert Pollin, distinguished professor of economics and codirector of the Political Read more…

Pete Dolack: Austerity never ends

Economists say wages are too high

Kristine Mattis: We Are Barely Even Trying

As long as our underlying assumption and purpose is the preservation and augmentation of capitalism, just as with the plastic bag “ban” in California, our solutions will always fall short

George Monbiot: The Problem With Freedom

Freedom is used as the excuse for ripping down public protections on behalf of the very rich

Dean Baker: Trade Denialism Continues

Trade Really Did Kill Manufacturing Jobs

Jia Tolentino: Celebrating Working Yourself to Death

The American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it more acceptable to applaud an individual for working oneself to death than to argue that an individual working her/himself to death is evidence of a flawed economic system

Pete Dolack: World Bank declares itself above the law

The World Bank employs a large contingent of scientists and technicians, which give it a veneer of authority as it pursues a policy of relentless corporate plunder

Dean Baker: The Public Clueless About the Federal Budget

Paul Krugman criticized the Trump administration for its budget, which would cut or eliminate many programs that benefit low- and moderate-income people. In his piece, Krugman points out that the public is incredibly ignorant on the budget, with most people having virtually no idea of where most spending goes. In particular, he referenced an analysis Read more…

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