Category: Economics

Pete Dolack: If you incentivize pollution, you incentive death

Once again, it is impossible to have infinite growth on a finite planet

Robert Reich: The Monopolization of America

The Biggest Economic Problem You’re Hearing Almost Nothing About

Nomi Prins: Rigging the Cost of Money

How Central Banks Contributed to Inequality

Chris Wright: Privatization is Killing Us

Dispatches from the Capitalist War on Society

Jayati Ghosh: May Day 2018

A Rising Tide of Worker Militancy and Creative Uses of Marx

Dean Baker: Dems’ Job Guarantee Isn’t Nearly as Easy as It Sounds

Ten million or 20 million people with well-paying jobs with health insurance? Sure, great. But could the government manage it? And what of the private sector?

Robert Pollin: Trade Wars Are Never “Easy to Win”

Interview on Trump’s China Policy

Vandana Shiva: Indigenous seeds can end farmer suicides

In the creative hands and minds of our farmers and artisans lie the freedom from fossil fuels which are destroying both the planet and the meaningful work

Dean Baker: Rich People Complaining About Deficit

There is no honest way to discuss the burden of the debt without also talking about the burdens created by these government-granted monopolies

Felix Holtwell: Bringing Back The Lucas Plan

The Lucas Plan is a bottom-up attempt at design, where not management and capitalists but workers themselves decide what to build

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