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Walden Bello: An Alternative to Globalization

A progressive future is not guaranteed. We must work to bring it about, and we will

Vincent Emanuele: A Lifetime with Labor

Originally published in Class, Race and Corporate Power (July 2017) as part of a special issue on “US Labor and Social Justice,” edited by Kim Scipes. A UNION FAMILY My history with organized labor is a personal history that truly spans the length of my life (32 years). My great grandfathers, both European immigrants—Italian on my father’s Read more…

Dean Baker: No Shortage of Economic Policies

There are many areas in which the French government could implement policies that would both boost growth and reduce unemployment and inequality

Steven Gorelick: Our Obsolescent Economy

A friend of mine from India tells a story about driving an old Volkswagen beetle from California to Virginia during his first year in the United States. In a freak ice storm in Texas he skidded off the road, leaving his car with a cracked windshield and badly dented doors and fenders. When he reached Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Profiting from Taxpayers

Interview on how the banking, fossil fuel and tech sectors all profit immensely from taxpayer dollars

Cornel West: How Intellectuals Betrayed the Poor

For 40 years academics were duped into idolizing the idea of unfettered markets

John Bellamy Foster: This Is Not Populism

It is crucial to understand not only how the failures of neoliberalism give rise to neofascism, but also to connect these developments to the structural crisis of monopoly-finance capital

Vijay Prashad: 201 Million Can’t Find Work

It’s fueling a global immigration and economic crisis

Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism & the working class

Interview on the adverse effects of neoliberalism on the working class

Walden Bello: Contagion: how the crisis spread

Were there commonalities between the financial crisis that happened in the US, and the one that hit Europe? If so, what were they? One common factor in the US and Europe was unregulated, undisciplined finance capital. First, European banks, including German banks, bought huge amounts of toxic subprime securities and as a result they saw their balance sheets Read more…

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