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Vince Taylor: Why Billionaires Have No Right to Their Wealth

In a world of perfect competition, where prices reflect the costs of production, there are no large wealth surpluses to be captured by an individual

Jack Rasmus: China-US Trade War: Hiatus or Busted Deal?

A bona fide Constitutional Crisis is brewing in the US as Trump insists on governing for his 35% supporters and to hell with the rest of the country, and as he governs increasingly at the expense of Congress’ s constitutional rights

Jack Rasmus: Why Government Jobs Stats Are Inaccurate

Reply to Doug Henwood’s Apology & Defense of Government Reports

Jack Rasmus: US GDP 1st Qtr 2019 Analysis–The Facts Behind the Hype

Bottom line, however, the 3.2% GDP is no harbinger of a growing economy. Quite the contrary. It is artificial and due to temporary forces that are likely about to change

Dean Baker: Fun Fictions in Economics

There is an awful lot of nonsense that passes as serious analysis within economics. For cheap fun, I thought I would use a nice spring afternoon to highlight some of my favorites

George Monbiot: Neoliberalism promised freedom

Instead it delivers stifling control

Michael Albert: Socialism: Dividing Society’s Pie

A worthy economic vision should give income for how long one works, for how hard one works, and for the onerousness of the conditions under which one works, as long as one is producing something that is socially valued

Jack Rasmus: Financial Imperialism

U.S. neocons are once again back in charge of U.S. foreign policy, driving the U.S. toward yet another war and attempt at regime change of a foreign government

Gerald Coles: Education, Jobs and Capitalism

American capitalism has a hate-love relationship with the nation’s schools

Gerald Epstein: Trump’s 2020 Budget Rewards the Wealthiest Individuals

For the first time in decades, we have a set of policies that provide a basis for discussion, and progressives running for election and moving legislation, that could, if implemented, make a big difference

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