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Jack Rasmus: The Capitulation of Jerome Powell & the Fed

As both monetary and fiscal policy become increasingly ineffective in the 21st century as means to address recessions and/or restore economic growth, they are simultaneously being transformed instead into tools for subsidizing capital incomes

Dean Baker: The Real College Admissions Scandal Is Structural Inequality

Inequality was not a natural outcome of the market and technology — it was manufactured by design

Julio Huato: These on the path to socialism

This note was motivated by an interesting discussion on Doug Henwood’s Facebook page regarding Karl Kautsky’s political legacy. A prior version of the post ended in item 15. The remainder was updated on 3/11/2019. One can learn from history, but more than that is required to build socialism. It will take a gigantic leap in Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s $34 Trillion Deficit & Debt Bomb

The Trump budget proposes to pay for the US government’s share of the total debt, by transferring the cost of financing military-defense spending and tax cutting to those households who aren’t investors and business owners

Paul Street: “Please Step Away from the Socialism”

The Red Scare Dems at MSNBC

Stephen Barton: The Economics of Residential Rent Control

Rent control is one of many efforts to uphold human dignity by expanding human rights, those rights which are held to be inherent in all people, and restraining forms of private property

Jack Rasmus: Financial Imperialism—The Case of Venezuela

US Neocons are once again back in charge of US foreign policy, driving the US toward yet another war and attempt at regime change of a foreign government

Patrick Bond: Budgeting for black-out in South Africa

The African country with by far the most advanced infrastructure and largest energy supply increasingly appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, in its economic, ecological and electricity systems

Dean Baker: Covering for Austerity Cranks

While the blame for Europe’s economic problems over the last decade can very clearly be laid at the doorstep of its leaders who have insisted on austerity, the media consistently ignore evidence that is as clear as day

Jack Rasmus: Some Big Economic Questions of the Day

Replying to questions on Trump tax cuts and US growth, current immigration debates, wages, expanding income inequality in the US, on what is the real rate of inflation today, and whether proposals for universal guaranteed income and more

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