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James Boyce: Oligarchy Is Destroying Our Society and the Planet

Is capitalism on the brink of joining the dustbin of history? And what would a post-capitalist society and a sustainable economy look like? Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, the world has experienced historically unprecedented levels of growth, with capitalism raising the standard of living of many nations. At the same time, capitalism has Read more…

Ellen Brown: Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work

This annual injection of new money not only can be done without creating price inflation; it actually needs to be done to reverse the massive debt bubble now threatening to propel the economy into another Great Recession

Patrick Bond: South Africa searches for a financial parachute

Now that a $170 billion foreign debt cliff looms

Jack Rasmus: A US-China Trade War ‘Armistice’?

Trump ‘Blinks’ at G20 Meeting and Retreats

Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism’s Dark Path to Fascism

Economic rationality was never the point. The point was the restoration of class power

Jack Rasmus: Global Oil Price Deflation 2018 & Beyond

The structure of the global economy in the 21st century is such that a new global finance capital elite has arisen

Dean Baker: Progressives and Markets

It is an incredible mistake to not recognize that the upward redistribution of the last four decades was brought about by conscious policy, not any sort of natural process of globalization and technology

Vijay Prashad: Wreaking havoc on poor while protecting financial elite

Thanks to the IMF, the pockets of the forgotten from Argentina to Mexico will suffer so that finance is left intact.

Dean Baker: Good News, the Stock Market Is Plunging

Thoughts on Wealth

Teresa Ghilarducci: The GOP Tax Cuts Are Already Hurting Social Security

The GOP has been intent on destroying Social Security since 1934 when its creation was first proposed by the Roosevelt administration. This, however, remained always a rather remote possibility … until now. With Trump and Congress transferring even more wealth to the rich and large corporations in the form of tax cuts that will land Read more…

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