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Paul Street: On Good and Evil

  Watching the news recently, I was struck by a stark contrast between pure good and sheer evil.  The pure good: hundreds of dedicated rescuers fighting desperately, foregoing sleep, and putting their own bodies at risk in a race against time to save as many people as possible trapped in rubble from a Mexico City Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Greek Debt Crisis

Why Syriza Continues to Lose

George Monbiot: Capitalism can only destroy planet

The demand for perpetual economic growth, and the collective madness it provokes, leads inexorably to environmental collapse

Anamaria Lopez: Puerto Rico Is Getting Squeezed

The path of austerity could spread economic pain and social woes far beyond the Caribbean island

Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela’s New Economic Measures

The new measures can help alleviate some of Venezuela’s economic problems, but do not address the heart of the problem, an inflation-depreciation spiral

Patrick Bond: Capitalist ‘deglobalization’

BRICS Xiamen summit doomed by centrifugal economics

Pete Dolack: Economic democracy in Rojava

The basic units of Rojava’s organization are councils and commissions. These constitute the building blocks of Rojava’s system of “democratic confederalism”

#IndianWinter: How Much Is A Boss Worth?

In the last five years alone, corporate CEOs received percentage pay increases nearly double that of the U.S. workforce. This enormous and rapidly growing economic inequality between bosses and workers can certainly be challenged on the basis of social justice.

Patrick Bond: Falling BRICS

Most of the BRICS countries have witnessed sustained protests, many against corruption, environmental destruction and labor abuse

Jack Rasmus: Central Banks Creating Next Crisis

The fundamental changes in the global economy and radical restructuring of financial, capital and labor markets have severely blunted central banks’ main monetary tool of interest rate management

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