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Peter Bohmer: U.S. Economy, Omicron, and Moving Forward

We have the opportunity to build and participate in these social movements, in minor and major ways, while educating ourselves and not isolating ourselves alone or in small cliques

Thomas Klikauer: Automation & (no) Future for Humanity

Capitalism’s frequent crisis, outsourcing, off-shoring, and the persistence of automation will continue to force many workers out of manufacturing (first) and the service industry (soon)

Phil Jones: Microworkers “Disempowered to a Degree Previously Unseen in Capitalist History”

“Microworkers” are the anonymous digital contract workers whose labor powers the tech giants’ artificial intelligence systems

Tomasz Konicz: Back to stagflation?

The end of the financialization of capitalism looks confusingly similar to the beginning

Stephen Macekura: Mismeasuring progress: A critique of the growth paradigm

Historian Stephen J. Macekura traces the origins of the growth paradigm and explains why we are still in the grips of his powerful-but-flawed economic idea today

Thomas Klikauer: Covid-19, Hospitals & The Curse of Capitalism

The idea that sickness must be profitable reaches deep into the ideological heart of neoliberalism

Desmond D’Sa: Glasgow’s ‘Conference of the Polluters’ again confirms that global arson needs local fire extinguishers

‘COP26 is a performance. It is an illusion constructed to save the capitalist economy rooted in resource extraction and colonialism.’

Robert Reich: How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control

Wealth inequality has spiraled out of control. It’s time to end this vicious cycle

Robert Reich: The Real Reason the Economy Might Collapse

The wealthy now own more of the economy than at any time since the 1920s. Meanwhile, millions in this country are barely scraping by

Kim Moody: Why It’s High Time to Move on From ‘Just-in-Time’ Supply Chains

Decades of deregulation, privatisation and market worship have left society vulnerable to the unbidden force of “just-in-time” supply chains

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