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Walden Bello: Good Riddance to the WTO

Rich countries embraced trade multilateralism when it suited them, and now they’re abandoning it. That may not be such a bad thing

Dean Baker: NAFTA Was About Redistributing Upward

A major feature of NAFTA was the requirement that Mexico strengthen and lengthen its patent and copyright protections. These barriers are 180 degrees at odds with expanding trade and removing barriers

Joseph Stiglitz: It’s time to retire metrics like GDP

The way we assess economic performance and social progress is fundamentally wrong, and the climate crisis has brought these concerns to the fore

Jack Rasmus: Capital’s Latest Ideological Offensive

Attacking Medicare for All, MMT, & Socialism

Elizabeth S. Anderson: Capitalist Workplaces Set Bosses Up to Be Authoritarian Tyrants

Long before the growing interest in economic inequality facing contemporary capitalist societies, radical thinkers and union organizers were concerned about the authoritarian governance in workplaces. Unfortunately, this concern seems to have taken a back seat in political philosophy during the present era. Elizabeth S. Anderson, a professor of philosophy and women’s studies at the University Read more…

Maria Svart: Capitalism Isn’t ‘Broken’. It’s Working All Too Well

Exploitation is a feature of capitalism, not a bug

Jack Rasmus: Trump Whacks the Middle Class & US GDP 1st Qtr 2019 Analysis

It’s clear Trump’s 2018 tax cut is making the middle class pay for corporations, businesses, investors and the wealthiest 1% households historic tax cuts totaling no less than $4.5 trillion over the next decade

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s “Economic Boom” Is a Sham

The sharp rise in suicides and overdoses under Trump exposes the truth about the U.S. economy

Patrick Bond: Lonmin’s murder, by money

Autopsy reveals the British-South African corpse’s poisoning by microfinance, ‘development finance’ and corporate finance

Vince Taylor: Why Billionaires Have No Right to Their Wealth

Hundreds of commentators have warned that extreme concentration of wealth threatens democracy and social stability. Not a day goes by without a new article with details on the unprecedented growth in income inequality and its dire consequences.  Something is missing, though. No one is proposing measures that would take away wealth from the 600 or Read more…

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