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Jack Rasmus: On Market Solutions to the Covid-19 Crisis

A few notable cases of how the market has failed us

Jack Rasmus: The 2020 Great Recession 2.0–Or Worse

They fear economic collapse and their loss of incomes more than the virus and its destruction of American lives

Jack Rasmus: A Tale of 3 Crises: Comparing 1929 with 2008 and 2020

It is important to understand how the now three great economic crises of the last century are in many ways similar

Sam Gindin: Coronavirus and the Search for Alternatives

A deeper fear lurks in business circles. Has globalization plateaued? Might the further spread of the virus “put globalization into reverse?”

Antonio Martins: Capitalism in Chaos

The “Davos Class” will respond with more inequality and less democracy. But a path has opened for the opposite way out – provided the Left is willing to reinvent itself

Jack Rasmus: Global Financial Asset Deflation: Prelude to Next ‘Great Recession’?

Will the financial asset markets deflation soon spill over to the credit system (especially corporate bonds) and accelerate the decline of real economies worldwide in turn?

Richard D. Wolff: Capitalism’s Political Servants: Trump and Johnson

For the last half-century, US and UK capitalisms led the way in undoing the parallel legacies of the New Deal and Europe’s social democracies

Dean Baker: Wage Growth Is Slowing

While wages are outpacing inflation by roughly a percentage point, it seems the pace of wage growth is slowing

Dean Baker: Technology, Patents, and Inequality

An Explanation that Even Economists Can Understand

Yanis Varoufakis: Building a transnational movement

“Never before have we had so much money, yet so little investment in what humanity needs”

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