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Priscilla Robinson: Pfizer Is Upholding Global Vaccine Apartheid

Today We Risk Arrest to Stop It

Thom Hartmann: Why America Can’t Have “Nice Things”

So, if the majority of Americans want Scandinavian/European healthcare, schools, unions, wages and taxes-on-the-rich, why don’t we have these things?

Jessica Corbett: FDA Chief Requests Probe of Alzheimer’s Drug Approval

Public Citizen, which called for the FDA acting commissioner “to immediately resign or be removed” over the “reckless and inexcusable” drug approval, welcomed her “belated” request

Alleen Brown: Corporate Counterinsurgency

Indigenous Water Protectors Face Off With an Oil Company and Police Over a Minnesota Pipeline

Nathan Robinson: Exxon Admits Capitalism Created The Climate Crisis

The company’s own Washington representative admits that we cannot solve the crisis without doing away with Exxon

Manuel Perez Rocha: Excessive Corporate Power is a Root Cause of Migration

Under U.S. trade agreements, corporations are suing developing country governments for sums that far outstrip the value of humanitarian aid

Andrew Perez: Corporate Lobbyists Declare War on Nina Turner

Corporate Democrats and lobbyists for Big Oil, Big Pharma, Fox News, and Wall Street are fundraising for Nina Turner’s primary opponent Shontel Brown in the Ohio congressional race

Jonathan Guyer: Meet the Consulting Firm That’s Staffing the Biden Administration

WestExec represented major corporations throughout the Trump years. Now it’s in the White House

James K. Galbraith: The G7 Vaccine Charade

The US and Europe are offering low- and middle-income countries crumbs, so that they can protect their billionaires, their pharmaceutical lobbies, and their campaign contributions

John Kendall Hawkins: Comfortably Numb: the Sackler Oxycontin Cartel

We live in an abattoir world, a realm of haves and have-nots filled with riches for some who get wealthy off the pain of others, even when they claim to be peddling relief

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