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Davarian L. Baldwin: The Rise of the UniverCity

Universities increasingly wield the kind of power and influence that were hallmarks of ruthless employers in isolated company towns. Historian Davarian Baldwin calls this ominous trend the “rise of the UniverCity.”

Jack Rasmus: Labor Day 2021: Creeping Austerity Has Arrived

After averaging 750,000 jobs over the preceding three months, from May to July 2021, job recovery this past August fell by more than two-thirds, to only 235,000

Greg Palast: Louisiana Black-out: Not an Act of God, an Act of Entergy

The darkness, the misery and death you are witnessing in Louisiana is not an act of God, it’s an act of Entergy Inc.

Badri Raina: The Questionable Patriotism of Indian Industry

They Do Not Invest in Jammu and Kashmir

Sam Pizzigati: Let’s Take the Profit Out of War

CEOs shouldn’t have a financial stake in the murderous mass violence of modern warfare

Martin Hart-Landsberg: Playing the capitalist game: heads they win, tails you lose

According to an Economic Policy Institute report, between 28 and 47 percent of U.S. private sector workers are subject to noncompete agreements

George Monbiot: Future corporate profits are officially more important than life on Earth

Why is life on Earth still taking second place to fossil fuel companies?

Gar Lipow: Bleed Lawless Businesses

Seize Shares to Punish Corporate Villains

CJ Polychroniou: Tech “Solutions” Pushed by Fossil Fuel Industry to Delay Real Climate Action

The Network for Greening the Financial System (a group of central banks and supervisors) is already considering climate scenarios with over 3°C of warming, labeling it the “Hot House World.”

John Buell: A Perverse Incentive

How Can US Corporations address the Climate Emergency if their Stock Buy-backs even Interfere with their Ordinary Business?

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