Category: Corporations

Andrew J. Bacevich: Answering the Armies of the Cheated

But No Questions about War Please

Mel Gurtov: Influence peddling, a threat to both democracy and a humane foreign policy

Once lobbying firms and political action committees (PACs) are allowed to influence public policy and officials with monetary incentives, election results, public opinion, and policy choices are bound to be significantly affected

Alex N. Press: Amazon Is Creating Company Towns Across the United States

In more and more of the country Amazon acts like an employer in a company town, sucking up whole communities and shaping public goods and services to fit its profit-making needs

Jaclynn Ashly: The Canadian Mining Company Dominicans Call “Worse Than Columbus”

“We had no concept of what the devil was until Barrick Gold came to our lands”

Sarah Lazare: Big Pharma Is Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies in the Global South

The chilling effect of the pharmaceutical industry’s veiled threats

Thom Hartmann: Healthcare Parasites are Sucking Americans Dry

The only way to deal with parasites is to remove them from their host. It’s time to expand Medicare to all Americans so we can dislodge these healthcare parasites from our body politic

Dean Baker: The Drug Companies Are Killing People

It is essential to do everything possible to accelerate the distribution of vaccines. It is long past time that we started taking the pandemic seriously

Josh Mound: The US Tax Code Should Not Allow Billionaires to Exist

We need to attack the wealth and power of the rich — and that means massively increasing taxes on them

Yves Engler: Time to Ban Automobile Advertising

Decades ago when it became clear humanity was hurtling towards a climate crisis, car ads should have been banned

Greg Palast: US Cannibals in Haiti

… and other tales of Voodoo Economics in the Triste Tropiques

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