Category: Globalization

Kert Davies: Fossil Fuel Associations Spent $1.4 Billion on Ads in Past Decade

The American Petroleum Institute spent over half of that total on contracts with the PR giant Edelman

David Dayen: How to Think About Breaking Up Big Tech

This roadmap for discrediting policy solutions that confront power should be easy enough to spot by now, and will be employed long into the future. So it’s worth breaking down how it works

Martha Rosenberg: Drug Company Executives Defend Their Prices on the Hill

Pharma has two lobbyists for every member of Congress. It spends more on lobbying than tobacco, oil and defense contractors combined

Barry Meier: Origins of the Opioid Epidemic

Purdue Pharma Knew of OxyContin Abuse in 1996 But Covered It Up

Robert J. Burrowes: Elite Banking at Your Expense

How Secretive Tax Havens are Used to Steal Your Money

Christine Willmsen: How The Sackler Family Allegedly Built An OxyContin Fortune

While Purdue Pharma publicly denied its opioids were addictive, internally company officials were acknowledging it and devising a plan to profit off them even more, the complaint states

Jack Rasmus: Global Economy on the Brink

Capitalists are driven by a mindless herd mentality once they’ve made money. They believe they can continue doing so forever

Nomi Prins: Wall Street, Banks and Angry Citizens

In today’s global economy, financial security is increasingly the property of the 1%

Patrick Bond: South Africa Searches for a 
Financial Parachute

An open, frank public discussion about the IMF’s regrettable history and current agenda is sorely needed

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s Déjà vu China Trade War (Part II)

Part II of the analysis of Trump’s Déjà vu China-US trade ‘war’ from last March 2018 through mid-January 2019

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