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Alan MacLeod: Tech Giants’ Power Is Scary

Silicon Valley corporations are far from neutral moral arbiters, and have a history of abusing their power

Lee Camp: America Condemns One Violent Mob While Celebrating Another

Where is the corporate media’s disgust for the courtesans of corporate destruction that wreak violence on Americans daily?

Chuck Collins: Trump and His Billionaire Enablers

The top ten billionaire donors to the Trump Victory Fund

Chris Hedges: Is Big Tech Too Powerful?

Debate on Twitter & Facebook Banning Trump

Brad Evans: Trump Was Dangerous But the Solution is Not to Give More Political Power to TechGiants

It is worth reminding that Trump was effectively made by these technology firms who gave him the mass divisive audience he craved

Thomas Klikauer: How Austerity Is Re-Shaping Work Regimes

In the period since 2010, when Austerity mania took over government policies fuelled by media calls to balance the books, the capital-media alliance has been a winning ticket

Jessica Martinez: ‘Our Government Needs to Protect Workers, Not Corporations’

Interview on worker safety and Covid relief

Richard Moser: What We Have Here is a Failure to Negotiate

Once the CARES Act showered trillions on the corporations and starved the states and cities, it could only trigger a cascade of cutbacks and austerity measures. Did the politicians vote for it not knowing that CARES would reinforce austerity and corporate power? 

Jake Alimahomed-Wilson: Building Its Own Delivery Network, Amazon Puts the Squeeze On Drivers

Amazon’s logistics infrastructure relies upon the exploitation and hyper-surveillance of both warehouse workers and contracted delivery drivers. In global labor organizing, joining these two groups together will be critical to worker power

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Hospital CEOs Have Gotten Rich Cutting Staff and Supplies

Now They’re Not Ready for the Next Wave

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