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Patrick Bond: Jim Yong Kim’s mixed messages to the World Bank, and the world

Johannesburg – World Bank president Jim Kim is an ex-leftist who claims that in the mid-1990s he wanted to shut down the Bank. At the time, it was an entirely valid, realistic goal of the 50 Years is Enough! Campaign and especially the World Bank Bonds Boycott. Kim’s co-edited Dying for Growth (2000) book-length analysis Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s Deja Vu China Trade War (Part I)

Trade policy under Trump in 2018 is compared with similar US trade offensives under Nixon in the 1970s, targeting Europe, and Reagan in the 1980s targeting Japan

Bruce Allen: NAFTA 2.0: Nothing for Workers

A failure to seriously resist NAFTA 2.0’s passage into law in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will amount to capitulation and the acceptance of an agreement that by design, like the original NAFTA, intrinsically serves the interests of Capital

Yves Engler: Destroying Civilization

Is it simply business as usual or a corporate conspiracy to destroy the planet? However one characterizes it our planet is being cooked so already wealthy people can make even more profit

Kevin Zeese: Transforming Trade While Stopping NAFTA II

Trade needs to guarantee people their right to public ownership and control of their own resources

Mark Weisbrot: Trump’s Trade Policy Towards China

A Distraction to Benefit the Rich

Dean Baker: Going with Patent Holders Against Workers

Trump seems to have made the concerns of companies like Boeing, who want more help maintaining their control over technology, his top priority

Sam Pizzigati: Making Millions Misleading Cancer Patients

Cancer is also helping some Americans become exceedingly rich. And these Americans will do most anything to keep their windfalls coming, even prey on the fragile psyches of the families cancer strikes

Laura Flanders: Amazon Gives to End Homelessness? That’s Rich

This isn’t charity, it’s feudalism

Martha Rosenberg: Getting Dangerous, Expensive Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet

A look at medical conflicts of interest

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