Category: Trade Agreements

Robin Hahnel: The Left, the Right, and Globalization

All of the grand neoliberal transformations of the international economy over the past three decades are about increasing international protection for intellectual property rights and making it easier for financial capital and productive facilities to relocate anywhere they choose

George Monbiot: Game of Chicken

Enhanced global trade now threatens our health, our sovereignty, our democracy

Yves Engler: ‘Free trade’ trumps Canadian law

Two weeks ago the worst fear of Canadian opponents of neoliberal ‘free trade’ agreements came true

Pete Dolack: Making NAFTA Worse

“Free trade” agreements have very little to do with trade and much to do with imposing corporate wish lists

John Feffer: Good Deals on Diplomacy?

From North Korea to Russia to the Middle East, there’s no shortage of deal-making needed. But beware the fine print of anything with Trump’s insignia

Ethan Earle: Trump Making NAFTA Even Worse

It’s Time to Throw Sand in the Gears

Paul Krugman: Oh! What a Lovely Trade War

Trump doesn’t understand international trade issues. Worse, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

Rubrick Biegon: Trump’s “War on Trade” in the Americas

Will Trump’s mercantilist approach to trade threaten a more coercive economic regime, or will it follow traditional conservative trade policy?

Patrick Bond: G20 threat to Africa

At the World Economic Forum-Africa, Germany pitched a dubious new G20 corporate strategy

Dean Baker: Trade Denialism Continues

Trade Really Did Kill Manufacturing Jobs

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