Category: Trade Agreements

Jamie Martin: The Rotten Roots of the IMF and the World Bank

Interview on the imperial origins of the world’s economic governance, imagining an alternative to these institutions, and his new book, The Meddlers

K.J. Noh: The U.S. Makes a Mockery of Treaties and International Law

The United States claims it is operating under a “rules-based order”—but the term is not the same international law recognized by the rest of the world. Rather, it is camouflage behind which American exceptionalism flourishes

Ramzy Baroud: Free Market Illusions: What is the US’ Endgame in China?

Why does the US advocate a free market while doing its utmost to stifle it? The current US-China economic war is a perfect example of this perplexing question

Deborah James: Digital Trade Rules

A Disastrous New Constitution for the Global Economy Written By and for Big Tech

David Bacon: Will the New NAFTA Make the Pandemic Worse for Mexicans?

For Mexican workers, farmers, and the poor, the pandemic and the new treaty replacing NAFTA are a devastating one-two punch

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s Feeble Phase 1 China-US Trade Deal

While Trump himself will make further threats and claims, likely aimed at the Europeans, no country will agree to any changes this year when the possibility exists of Trump leaving the presidency next November 2020

Vijay Prashad: What Passes for Reality Is Not Worth Respecting

Beneath the storm and stress of the shifts in the balance of power lie myriad struggles

Jack Rasmus: Trump-Pelosi Trade Maneuvers: USMCA, China Tariffs, & Brazil-Argentina Steel

The Trump administration, with Democrats & AFLCIO leaders in tow, announced new final revisions and deal with Mexico on the new NAFTA 2.0 free trade agreement called the USMCA

David Kotz: Reinforcing the Trade War?

Interview on how the U.S.’s hardened trade stance has nothing to do with human rights, despite new reports of the massive human rights violations of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in western China

Dean Baker: NAFTA Was About Redistributing Upward

A major feature of NAFTA was the requirement that Mexico strengthen and lengthen its patent and copyright protections. These barriers are 180 degrees at odds with expanding trade and removing barriers

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