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Joseph Stiglitz: Reform or Divorce in Europe

To say that the eurozone has not been performing well since the 2008 crisis is an understatement

Elias Ioakimoglou: Greece Was the Prologue

Austerity experiments in Greece set the stage for a radical restructuring of Europe by elites

Marc Norton: Trump and Manzanar

Manzanar, for those who may be a little sketchy on their history, is one of the internment camps set up by the federal government during World War II

Mark Weisbrot: Obama’s TPP campaign could drag down Democrats

One of the main purposes of the TPP is to bind the United States to a set of rules that our political leaders would have difficulty putting into law in the U.S.

Vandana Shiva: Free people from ‘dictatorship’ of 0.01%

The time is ripe for a planetary freedom movement that defends and protects the freedoms of all beings from this 0.01 percent

Joseph Stiglitz: Will Hillary Clinton Flip-Flop Again on TPP After Election Day?

Some of the worst provisions in there were not because our partners demanded it, it was because we demanded it

Dean Baker: Brexit, Austerity, and the Future of the European Union

If the EU leadership continues to set policy based on folk wisdom from their parents rather than serious economics, the hardships among the population will continue

Jack Rasmus: Looting Greece

Did you think the debt crisis in Greece was over because it’s not in the news anymore? It’s still going on because there’s more to be looted from that country

Ingar Solty: After “Brexit”: A Social-Democratic Re-Founding of Europe?

Critical remarks on the new post-“Brexit” strategy paper by Sigmar Gabriel and Martin Schulz

Deirdre Fulton: Latest Leak Shows How TTIP Puts US-EU Clean Energy Goals in ‘Mortal Danger’

European Commission urged to ‘call time on this failed corporate coup’

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