Category: Trade Agreements

Pete Dolack: Revised NAFTA another Trump scam

The Trump administration is actually composed of large industrialists and financiers, to a degree perhaps unprecedented in modern times, so all the more are those interests promoted

Duane Campbell: Trump’s Fake Trade Deal

We need an immigration policy that brings people together instead of pitting workers against each other

Jack Rasmus: Will Trump’s Trade War Precipitate a Currency War?

Trump is betting his intimidation approach can produce quick results before his tariff war precipitates a currency war and a severe global economic contraction

Reese Erlich: Trump has Launched a Trade War with China

Why he will Lose

Dean Baker: Trump’s tariffs unpopular with his voters

The U.S. doesn’t seem likely to win Trump’s trade war, and consumers are quite likely to lose

Dean Baker: Trade: It’s About Class, Not Country

Our trade policy over the last four decades has been quite explicitly designed to redistribute income upward. This was the point of deals like NAFTA, or admitting China to the WTO

Dean Baker: Trump’s Trade Wars

An Opportunity to Refashion the Intellectual Property Regime?

George Monbiot: Trump was right. The rest of the G7 were wrong

When this devious, hollow, self-interested man offers a better approximation of the people’s champion than any other leader, you know democracy is in trouble

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s Phony Trade War

Is the Trump phony trade war really about reducing the U.S. $375 billion annual trade deficit with China? Or about U.S. bankers wanting more access and ownership of operations in China?

Dean Baker: Protecting Pfizer and Microsoft

We can do better than extending a relic of the feudal guild system

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