Category: Trade Agreements

Mark Weisbrot: No wall could hurt Mexico as much as NAFTA has

It is the long-term damage that Washington has helped visit upon the Mexican economy that has brought us to the point where a U.S. president could even propose such a monstrosity

Jack Rasmus: Despite Scrapping TPP, Donald Trump Is a Dedicated Free Trader

Whether multi or bilateral, free trade is free trade, and workers, consumers and the environment pay for the profits of corporations

Patrick Bond: Will Washington’s new pro-Moscow, anti-Beijing gang drive a wedge through the BRICS in 2017?

Many societies’ resistance politics reflects a much broader, deeper capacity to link up than ever before: within the BRICS, the US and internationally

Kevin Zeese: The TPP is Dead: The People Defeat Transnational Corporate Power

How did people power win?

Adam Parsons: The struggle continues for a binding treaty to #StopCorporateAbuse

A binding treaty to regulate the activities of corporations could provide a vital counterpoint to controversial free trade and investment agreements

Robin Broad: El Salvador Lessons for the TPP Fight

The executives of a global mining corporation assumed it would be easy to get their way in Cabañas, a rural region of northern El Salvador. They were wrong

Nick Dearden: ‘Brexit red lines’ – the most progressive terms possible for the UK’s exit from the EU

Labour is now opposing toxic trade deals, but what sort of trade do we want?

Tamara Pearson: Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day Under the Shadow of a Giant Wall

Without NAFTA, Mexico could have had “European living standards today”

Manuel Perez-Rocha: Obama’s TPP Would Widen the Divide

What gives me hope is that citizens around the world know very well how damaging the free trade agenda is for people and the planet and that we are as ready as ever to take action.

George Monbiot: The transatlantic trade deal TTIP may be dead, but something even worse is coming

Corporate lobbyists and their captive governments try to wear down our resistance with one fake trade treaty after another

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