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David Kotz: Roots of the U.S.-China Trade Conflict

Every day, the news brings more stories of U.S.-China tensions. What led to the U.S.-China trade conflict? And what would a U.S. pro-worker policy toward China look like?

Tom Conway: ‘New’ NAFTA Fails Workers On Both Sides Of Border

Over the past 20 years, the United States lost 5 million manufacturing jobs and nearly 90,000 factories. Some went to China or Vietnam or India. But a lot went to Mexico

Dean Baker: China Did Not Trick the US

Trade Negotiators Served Corporate Interests

Jack Rasmus: The Escalating US-China Trade War

Failing to get China to capitulate in trade talks this past July 31 by offering token changes to US offensive against Huawei and other China corporations, the US negotiating team returned empty handed from Shanghai. Trump immediately declared an additional 10% (going to 25% tariffs on remaining China imports to the US). The US-China trade Read more…

Jack Rasmus: U.S. vs. China: From Tariff War to Economic War

Nextgen technology development is at the core of that restructuring and restoration of U.S. hegemony. Trump is just the appearance, the historic vehicle, behind the deeper global capitalist transformation in progress

Sean Keller: Connecting the Dots: Insane Trade and Climate Chaos

If policymakers continue to drag their feet, the impetus for real change in the way we conduct global trade will have to come from peoples’ movements working together to make their voices heard

Pete Dolack: Look to U.S. executive suites, not Beijing, for why production is moved

Empty public rhetoric aside, Trump administration policy on trade, consistent with its all-out war on working people, is to elevate corporate power

Mel Gurtov: Why the Trade War with China is So Dangerous

The trade war is about a lot more than technological competition, soybeans, and even workers’ rights. It is the tip of the iceberg, just one reflection of a world order that, to the Chinese, is rapidly changing in China’s favor

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s Déjà vu China Trade War (Part II)

Part II of the analysis of Trump’s Déjà vu China-US trade ‘war’ from last March 2018 through mid-January 2019

Jack Rasmus: Trump’s Deja Vu China Trade War (Part I)

Trade policy under Trump in 2018 is compared with similar US trade offensives under Nixon in the 1970s, targeting Europe, and Reagan in the 1980s targeting Japan

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