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Rachel M. Cohen: Unions See an Opening

Labor leaders said the losses from Janus were not as severe as they had feared, citing their proactive organizing efforts as primary reasons

John Buell: Labor Strikes are Back and Shaping Public Policy

How much of a role declining air service and/or the possibility of a broad walkout played in ending the shutdown is not clear

Ellen David Friedman: Where Do Good Organizers Come From?

An experiment in Ithaca, New York, over the last two years has shown surprising results in helping workers become organizers, with a method easy to adapt and reproduce anywhere

Steve Early: A Trusteeship Diaspora

How SEIU’s Self-Inflicted Loss Became Labor’s Gain

Adam Simpson: Agents of Disruption

Organizing unions and developing pathways to ownership is the best way workers can address the anxiety of the so-called “automation age,” not chasing the labor market demands of elites

Olivia Heffernan: Are we prepared to pay the price for farmworker justice?

“We need an awakening of consciousness for everyone to understand how important we are as workers of the land.”

Heidi Burakiewicz: Federal Employees’ Union Sues Trump Administration

The American Federation of Government Employees, or AFGE, says it is illegal for federal workers to work without pay

Kim Scipes: American Labour’s Cold War Abroad

A review of American Labour’s Cold War Abroad: From Deep Freeze to Détente, 1945-1970, by Anthony Carew

David Macaray: Scabs, Semantics, and Working People

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” –from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Over the years, the incendiary term “scab,” when used in the context of Labor-Management relations, has come to be carelessly and egregiously misapplied. Even people who should, by rights, be familiar with Read more…

David Macaray: Teamsters, Hells Angels, and Self-Determination

The two-tier is a hideous arrangement invented by management to save money and, in the process, sabotage union integrity

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