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Dave Jamieson: Missouri Voters Overturn Right-To-Work

Organized labor hopes the win will help stop the spread of the anti-union laws

Jim Campana: Trump Launches War on Federal Unions

Like President Reagan’s mass firing of thousands of air traffic controllers (PATCO), these actions by the federal government could embolden other employers and state governments to go on the attack

Leo Gerard: Sending Worker Stand-Ins to Spread Propaganda

Though membership had been declining for decades, unions added 262,000 members last year. And now they’ve got the support of 61 percent of Americans, up from a low of 48 percent in 2009

Sue Sturgis: The racist roots of the Janus ruling

Rank of black women among the demographic groups that will be most affected by the Janus ruling: 1

Anthony Dimaggio: Union End Times

The Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack on Public-Sector Workers

Bill Fletcher: The Janus Decision Was About Destroying Labor

The immediate challenge facing labor unions is their transformation into militant, forward-thinking and social justice institutions

Gerald Friedman: Why Janus Matters

Because women and minority workers are disproportionately employed in these jobs, public-sector unions are particularly important for them

Simon Lazarus: Did the Supreme Court Just Gut the New Deal?

Monday’s ruling banning employee class-action suits could open the door to destroying non-union workers’ rights

Miles Kampf-Lassin: Sanders’ Plan to Expand Union Rights and Workplace Democracy

As workers are proving across the country, winning a better standard of living is possible, but it can only come about through demanding—and practicing—democracy on the job

Laura Gabby: Subway Woes? Don’t Blame Workers

“Dirty, delayed, and dangerous.” That’s the slogan of a new ad campaign that blames New York City’s subway woes on construction unions

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