Category: Labor

Judy Ancel: Blocking ‘Right to Work’

In 2018 Missouri can help reverse the pendulum in the Midwest, not only to undo right to work but also to revitalize its labor movement

Rand Wilson: Labor for Our Revolution

The challenge we now face as progressive trade unionists is to meld the broad support for Sanders with a larger base in the labor movement

Vijay Prashad: Learning From India’s Farmers

French workers are being asked to make “useless sacrifices”

Kim Scipes: Capitalism Is Killing the Planet

Any labor organization must be built on member democracy, where members control the union, and not just the formal leaders

Cal Winslow: Trouble in Napa

Hospital Workers in Fight for their Union

Chris Brooks: After Nissan

Can We Organize the South?

Mike Elk: Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15/Hr

Corporate Wing of Democrats Alive and Well

Bernie Sanders: Labor Day Reminder

We Can Win Fights That Seem Impossible

Charles Derber: The State of Labor on Labor Day

Labor Day is now a pivotal political moment for labor and the entire nation and world

John O’Connor: Concession Fatigue in Connecticut

Concessionary bargaining will not keep Connecticut from moving toward Wisconsin. Only collective action by union members can accomplish that

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