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Barbara Ehrenreich: Divisions of Labor

New kinds of work require new ideas — and new ways of organizing

Peter Knowlton: Iowa’s New Union-Busting Bill Is Worse Than Wisconsin

Republicans in both houses of the Iowa state legislature have introduced a bill that is aimed at destroying public sector unions and the rights of public employees in that state

David Bacon: What Trump Can and Can’t Do to Immigrants

“We have to go back to the social teachings our movement is based on—to the idea of justice”

Ruth Needleman: Is It Time for the AFL and the CIO to Part Ways Again?

Now more than ever we need a strong united labor movement. We do not, however, have one

Moshe Marvit: Where’s the Best Place to Resist Trump? At Work.

From solidarity strikes to slowdowns and sit-ins, workplace revolt is a key strategy in opposing the new administration

Leah Fried: Five Steps to Maintain Unity and Membership under Right to Work

Unions have common cause with many other organized groups out there—and we will need each other in the years to come

Sam Pizzigati: America’s Construction Carnage

As unions decline, construction workers are dying at alarming rates

Len Shindel: Building Trades Leadership Undercuts Activists

Why the hell would union leaders praise Trump without simultaneously crediting the years of struggle by the nation’s best trade union activists, lawyers and economists to turn around trade policy?

Will Evans: New Bill Aims to Stop Discrimination and Exploitation in the Temp Industry

As a teenager, Carol Ammons worked as a temporary employee for a factory that needed extra labor over the holiday season. Now, as an Illinois state representative, Ammons is hoping to change the very nature of temp work in Illinois. The Champaign-Urbana Democrat announced new legislation Wednesday that takes on discrimination and exploitation in an Read more…

Rebekah Barber: Nissan Workers in Mississippi build Southern support for union drive

Many workers have gone on record stating they believe a union would give them more protection and job security

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