Category: Labor

Aída Chávez: California’s New Gig Economy Law

Strengthening a Stripper-Led Labor Movement

David Levin: The Teamster Revolt Against the Hoffa Era

Rank-and-file activists are mobilizing against contract concessions, taking over local unions, and building a coalition to transform the union

Kathryn Hopkins: Sports Illustrated Staffers Become Latest to Try to Unionize

The 2019 trend of newsrooms unionizing shows no sign of running out of steam as a new year begins

Glenn Perusek: Strategy, Tactic, and Organizing

Understanding the difference between strategy and tactics

U.S. Labor Against the War: US Labor Says: No War on Iran! US Out of Iraq!

War is an issue for the US labor movement, and we must speak out against further entrenchment of US troops in the Middle East

Joe Allen: They Killed Frank Ordoñez

If the past is any indication, few police will be held accountable for the massacre that took place

Joe Allen: Where Are the Teamsters Going?

The Teamsters are long overdue for a fundamental change in direction after two decades of stagnation

Danny Haiphong: This Holiday Season, American Workers Have Little to Celebrate

At this moment, the neoliberal race to the bottom has rendered most workers too fearful, disorganized, and full of self-blame to fight back

Joe DeManuelle-Hall: The Hard Fight at Amazon

Concerted, collective action is the way we build power. When Amazon workers somewhere stand up to the boss— especially when they win something concrete—it inspires Amazon workers somewhere else to do the same.

Will Evans: Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees

This holiday season, Amazon will move millions of packages at dizzying speed. Internal injury reports suggest all that convenience is coming at the expense of worker safety

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