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David Macaray: Scabs, Semantics, and Working People

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” –from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Over the years, the incendiary term “scab,” when used in the context of Labor-Management relations, has come to be carelessly and egregiously misapplied. Even people who should, by rights, be familiar with Read more…

David Macaray: Teamsters, Hells Angels, and Self-Determination

The two-tier is a hideous arrangement invented by management to save money and, in the process, sabotage union integrity

Zack Guzman: U.S. Way Behind in Paid Time Off

Compared to the amount of paid time off afforded to workers in other countries, American employees are woefully undercompensated

Dean Baker: Unions in the 21st Century

A Potent Weapon Against Inequality

Harold Meyerson: The Labor Question is Back, Big-Time

Like frogs in a slowly boiling pot, Americans are finally realizing how dire their labor situation is

Steve Early: Teamster Tackles Corporate Democrat in California Assembly Race

In California’s “jungle primary” in June, a Teamster from Richmond astounded many observers by placing second in her state legislative race.

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee: A Labor Day Call to Action

The End of Prison Slavery, the Rebirth of Working Class Resistance

Jim Hightower: Help Wanted

The deeper issue is the overall lack of respect for workaday people

Nina Vaughan: Graduate Student Teachers’ Unions, Adjunct Professors, And Tenured Professors

The strike this past April by the Columbia University Graduate Teachers’ Union naturally received attention and its occurrence on the 50th Anniversary of student uprising at Columbia University in April and May of 1968 was a happy coincidence and provided an admirable historico-political resonance.  And this action by the Graduate Teachers Union was greeted with Read more…

Dave Jamieson: Missouri Voters Overturn Right-To-Work

Organized labor hopes the win will help stop the spread of the anti-union laws

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