Category: Labor

Lawrence Wittner: The Trump Administration’s War on Workers

His appointments to federal positions created to defend workers’ rights provide an indication of his priorities

Mike Elk: Justice in the factory

How Black Lives Matter breathed new life into unions

Bill Parker: Corruption and Collaboration in the UAW

It’s going to take rank-and-file organization to challenge the Administration Caucus

Various Contributors: Thousands of Fast-Food Workers Strike

Protest Nationwide on 50th Anniversary of Historic Memphis Sanitation Walkout

Andrew Tillett-Saks: Stamford Workers Show How to Rebuild the Labor Movement

The lesson from the Stamford hotel workers is that unions must return to their roots as worker organizations — member-run and member-powered

Steven Sherman: How Fight for $15 Took Off

A new book explores faith, immigration and worker power

Jane McAlevey: #MeToo & Labor

There’s enough wealth in this country to allow the rich to be rich and still eradicate most barriers to a genuine women’s liberation, which starts with economic justice in the workplace

Jack Rasmus: Breibart Billionaire Board Bashes Bannon

In the months ahead the Republican wing—for whom Trump has nicely delivered in the form of tax cuts in the trillions of dollars and with whom Trump is now playing ball with regard to free trade—will circle the wagons on behalf of Trump. The Republican party wing of the elite don’t want to drive Trump from the White House

Elizabeth Stanfield: Workers’ unlikely victory in Tennessee

The uniqueness of UCW — a union made up of higher education staff, faculty, and graduate students from 18 campuses across the state — helps explain this victory

Sarah Aziza: Worker cooperatives offer real alternatives

Announcing his presidency in 2016, Donald Trump promised the nation that he’d become “the greatest job president God ever created.” His plan to accomplish this rested on a retrograde economic vision that would “make America great again,” by restoring waning coal and manufacturing jobs, as well as putting an end to the alleged assault on Read more…

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