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Peter Bohmer: U.S. Economy, Omicron, and Moving Forward

We have the opportunity to build and participate in these social movements, in minor and major ways, while educating ourselves and not isolating ourselves alone or in small cliques

Hamilton Nolan: How the Mighty Culinary Union Survived the Apocalypse

After facing 98% unemployment in the depths of the pandemic, the strongest union in Las Vegas has risen again

In These Times Editors: How to Protect Time Off in a Remote Work World

Legislating the “right to disconnect” could help prevent wage theft in a virtual environment that has blurred the line between work and home

Candice Bernd: Teamsters’ Election Will Determine Strike Power of North America’s Largest Union

“I want Amazon to know that the Teamsters are coming for them. We’re coming for them hard.”

Julia Conley: John Deere Threatens to Take Away Striking Workers’ Health Coverage

“Workers must be allowed to keep their healthcare during the strike”,

Hamilton Nolan: In Middle America, Unions and Democrats Are Sleepwalking Into the Grave

By not organizing in decimated post-industrial towns, we’re ceding ground to the right wing

Steve Early: What is To Be Done About Work?

Three authors—Jamie McCallum, Sarah Jaffe, and Eyal Press– have published important books that examine work and its discontents, in pre-pandemic form

Kim Scipes: US Labor Imperialism

Interview on the role of US labor internationally including the National Endowment For Democracy NED and the AFL-CIO “Solidariity Center”

Hamilton Nolan: We Need a Big National Strike Fund

More successful strikes help the entire labor movement. We should pay for them together

Lauren Kaori Gurley: ‘We All Quit’: How America’s Workers Are Taking Back Their Power

Something remarkable is happening in fast food establishments, retail stores, and restaurants across America

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