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Chris Brooks: Business-Backed ‘Anti-Union Union’ Falters at Volkswagen

Tennessee’s infamous anti-union union is fading away for lack of members. Will Volkswagen’s rationale for keeping out a real union crumble with it?

Jon Queally: As Tribes Fight Pipeline, Internal AFL-CIO Letter Exposes ‘Very Real Split’

Leaked letter circulated within nation’s largest labor federation illustrates troubling disconnect when what working people deserve and what climate science compels are actually the same thing

Norman Solomon: AFL-CIO to Planet Earth: Drop Dead

In sharp contrast to the AFL-CIO’s top echelon, some unions really want to restrain climate change and are now vocally opposing the Dakota pipeline

Michael McCown: How Community-College Faculty Organized a Strike and Scored a Contract

For the first time in its 40-year history, the union of full- and part-time faculty at City College of San Francisco recently went on strike—and it worked. Teachers (AFT) Local 2121 pulled off a one-day strike April 27, despite the administration’s claim that the strike was illegal. By July, to head off another strike, the Read more…

Sam Gindin: Bargaining Over Corporate Investment: Innovation or Trap?

It’s the radical that is now the only thing truly practical. If we don’t raise our expectations, they will be lowered for us

Serge Halimi: Divided and conquered

For a New York billionaire whose fiscal programme is even more regressive than Ronald Reagan’s to become the voice of working-class resentment would have been harder if trade unionism had not been weakened

Maurice Weeks: Why Labor and the Movement for Racial Justice Should Work Together

Widening the scope of bargaining in Los Angeles led to real wins for the city’s black and Latino communities

Peter Dreier: This Labor Day, Remember That Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign Was for Workers’ Rights

Let’s remember that King was committed to building bridges between the civil rights and labor movements

Tim Goulet: Today Belongs to Workers

Labor Day was born from the most radical struggles of the nineteenth century. Celebrate it.

Juan Cole: Top 5 Ways Green Energy is already Helping American Workers

As we celebrate American workers (I prefer to honor workers today rather than the abstract “labor”), let’s remember where their future lies. And that is, in part, in the renewable energy sector. “Solar Energy in the United States: A Decade of Record Growth” The rapid growth of wind, solar and other renewables in the United Read more…

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