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Steven Greenhouse: AFL-CIO Elects 1st Woman Pres. & African American Sec.-Treasurer

Will It Organize Amazon, Starbucks?

Robert Raymond: A shorter workweek may increase worker productivity — but that’s not why we need one

With the average worker in the United States clocking 47 hours a week, Americans are among the most overworked populations in the world

Hamilton Nolan: One Simple Trick to Protect Workers from Inflation

Union contracts could ensure economic stability among the working class amid inflation

Mark Evans: The Labour Movement Crisis, the Climate Crisis, and the Green New Deal

Please Help ZNet       Today, May Day—otherwise known as International Workers’ Day—is a good time to consider the question: What is the future of organised labour? This was the subject of a 2006 book, edited by Craig Phelan. The book has an interesting foreword by trade unionist, Dan Gallin. In it Gallin makes a number Read more…

Julia Conley: Historic Amazon Union Vote

Source: Common Dreams Thousands of Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island, New York began voting Friday to whether or not to join the Amazon Labor Union, an independent group started by an employee who drew national attention to working conditions at the company in 2020. The union election could make the JFK8 warehouse the first Read more…

Thomas Klikauer: Financial Capitalism and US Labor

One of the reasons for the decline of trade unions in the USA is the fact that the gap between wages of unionized workers and non-unionized workers is getting smaller

Moshe Z. Marvit: The Supreme Court Has Long Been Anti-Worker

This Is Biden’s Chance to Change That

Peter Bohmer: U.S. Economy, Omicron, and Moving Forward

We have the opportunity to build and participate in these social movements, in minor and major ways, while educating ourselves and not isolating ourselves alone or in small cliques

Hamilton Nolan: How the Mighty Culinary Union Survived the Apocalypse

After facing 98% unemployment in the depths of the pandemic, the strongest union in Las Vegas has risen again

In These Times Editors: How to Protect Time Off in a Remote Work World

Legislating the “right to disconnect” could help prevent wage theft in a virtual environment that has blurred the line between work and home

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