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Steve Payne: How Brazilian Bank Workers Learn to Dream Bigger

The bank workers union has developed a weekend training on how members’ workplace fights connect to a bigger picture

Samantha Winslow: How D.C. Drivers Put the Brakes on Unsafe Buses

“If the whole point is just to save money, we are endangering the lives of the passengers and drivers,” said Battle-Mason. “Why are we doing it?”

Melanie Barron: Campus Workers Unmask Scheme To Privatize All Tennessee Property

If this plan goes through, it would set an awful precedent for other states—and even for federal policy

Stephen Greenhouse: Honeywell Workers Say Lockout Aims to Destroy Union: ‘It’s Corporate Greed’

The company has embraced a weapon that has grown increasingly popular across corporate America: locking out workers to throw the union on the defensive

Cal Winslow: Life and Death in Health Care’s Trenches

Nursing Homes and Unions

David Bacon: Why These Farm Workers Went On Strike—and Why It Matters

Months of strikes and organizing in Washington led to the first U.S. farmworker union in years

Jeremy Brecher: Dakota Access Pipeline and the Future of American Labor

As United States Energy Transfers Partners began building the Dakota Access Pipeline through territory sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the tribe began an escalating campaign against the pipeline. By this summer nearly 200 tribes around the country had passed resolutions opposing the pipeline and many hundreds of their members joined nonviolent direct action Read more…

Chris Brooks: Business-Backed ‘Anti-Union Union’ Falters at Volkswagen

Tennessee’s infamous anti-union union is fading away for lack of members. Will Volkswagen’s rationale for keeping out a real union crumble with it?

Jon Queally: As Tribes Fight Pipeline, Internal AFL-CIO Letter Exposes ‘Very Real Split’

Leaked letter circulated within nation’s largest labor federation illustrates troubling disconnect when what working people deserve and what climate science compels are actually the same thing

Norman Solomon: AFL-CIO to Planet Earth: Drop Dead

In sharp contrast to the AFL-CIO’s top echelon, some unions really want to restrain climate change and are now vocally opposing the Dakota pipeline

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