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Steve Early: The Irishman Cometh

Teamster History Hits The Big Screen (Again)

Peter Olney: New California Regulations Strengthen Workers in Ride Share Industry

For several decades, corporations have sought to undermine labor rights by turning more employees into “independent” workers, foregoing any responsibility for paying Social Security, unemployment compensation, workers compensation or other benefits like vacation and sick time

Howie Hawkins: Workers Need More Rights and Economic Democracy

The next president should harness the energy of working people and build political power for a transformation agenda for working people who have not gotten a real raise in decades

Bobbi Murray: The Trump NLRB’s Anti-Labor Day

The National Labor Relations Board is not just changing workplace rules but reversing longstanding precedents

Rebecca Burns: 5 Reasons for Workers to Celebrate This Labor Day

With approval of unions at a 15-year high, and a wave of labor militancy on the rise, working people have plenty to celebrate

Dave Jamieson: Americans’ Approval of Labor Unions Reaches 16-Year High

Membership in labor unions in the U.S. may be on a long, downward slide, but the share of Americans who view unions favorably continues to increase

Finn Collom: We Need Real Plans to Build Worker Power

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have far-reaching proposals to give workers something even more important than money: power

Julian Routh: Bernie Sanders picks up union endorsement

Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders picked up the endorsement of the Pittsburgh-based United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America on Monday

Shaun Richman: A Union in Every Workplace

Where Bernie Sanders’ labor platform is most exciting is its proposal for new workers’ rights and forms of union representation that transcend the National Labor Relations Board framework of enterprise-based contract bargaining

Negin Owliaei: How States Can Better Care for Direct Care Workers

A new report offers recommendations for state policymakers looking to strengthen the backbone of the care economy — the direct care workers themselves

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