Category: Labor

Negin Owliaei: How States Can Better Care for Direct Care Workers

A new report offers recommendations for state policymakers looking to strengthen the backbone of the care economy — the direct care workers themselves

Daniel Boguslaw: Trumpistas Seek to Deflate Labor’s Friend

The NLRB persists in its fight to outlaw Scabby the Rat, the balloon rodent who helps out workers when they picket their bosses

Rachel M. Cohen: A California Bill Could Transform the Lives of Gig Workers

Silicon Valley Wants Labor’s Help To Stop It

Angeles Solis: Amazon Workers Demand Fair Pay & Conditions

While online shoppers around the world flocked to Amazon’s mega-sale “Prime Day” this week, the retail giant faced growing outrage from protesters, workers and lawmakers

Juliana Feliciano Reyes: Pain meds and bathroom dashes

Working at an Amazon warehouse

Dave Jamieson: A Court Blocked Trump’s Bid to Weaken Unions

The White House Found Another Way

Ellen Bravo: Remaking 9 to 5?

What Today’s Working Women Want to See

Eleanor Bader: Most Restaurant Workers Don’t Earn Enough to Feed Their Own Families

Thirty-six percent of tipped workers employed in eateries, nail salons and car washes rely on food stamps, soup kitchens and Medicaid

Chris Brooks: Tennessee Governor Leads Anti-Union Meeting at VW

The governor’s speech opened by marking his 100th day in office and the need for vocational training in the state to foreground his remarks about unionization

Chris Brooks: Volkswagen Jump-Starts Anti-Union Campaign

Volkswagen has a merit-based bonus system that relies on a complicated set of individual and plant-wide factors to determine each employee’s individual bonus. These factors include attendance, productivity, quality, and safety

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