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Sonia Singh: A Home Base for Temp Worker Organizing

Warehouses and factories dot Chicago and its suburbs, concentrating hundreds of thousands of workers in a major hub for transporting goods. If these workers were united enough to strike, they would have huge leverage. But can they overcome a slew of obstacles to organize? The jobs are low-wage and largely temporary. An estimated 63 percent Read more…

Deirdre Fulton: Trump’s Fast-Food CEO Labor Pick: ‘Anti-Family, Anti-Worker, Anti-Jobs’

Fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder has been described as ‘a minor league version of Trump’

Patrick Weisansal: Buffalo Hospital Workers Get Their Money and Staffing Back

After giving something up in a previous contract, is it possible to win it back? It took a massive effort, but hospital workers in Buffalo proved it can be done. Catholic Health is one of the two local hospital chains that dominate western New York. Communications Workers (CWA) Locals 1133 and 1168 represent 6,900 of Read more…

Curtis Black: Low-Wage Workers Prepare to Step Up Pay Fight in Trump Era

Any effort to block wage increases, gut workers’ rights or healthcare, deport immigrants, or support racism or racist policies, will be met with unrelenting opposition

Michael E. Tigar: How Employers Limit Worker Rights, Using the Power of Government and Market Forces

The escalating attack on worker rights in the United States has taken several forms in recent years.  In some American states, right-wing politicians have passed laws denying public employees such as teachers, janitors, police, and firefighters the right to organize into unions and bargain collectively.  Some of these laws strip recognition and power from existing Read more…

Sarah Jaffe: In GOP Country, a Small Labor Organization Offers a Model for Fighting Trumpism

The Workers’ Project exists to organize the broader community around issues that matter to working people

David Bacon: Latino Immigrants Are Changing the Politics of … Nebraska!

Organizing in Omaha and small towns with meatpacking plants is altering politics in this reddest of states

Emily Deruy: Harvard’s Social Justice Paradox

The university has the largest endowment in the United States and is the birthplace of some of the nation’s most progressive ideas, but workers said they couldn’t pay basic living expenses

Dan DiMaggio: All Tricks, No Treat in Peeps Candy Strike

After three weeks on strike, the 400 workers who make Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, and that Easter basket staple, marshmallow Peeps, were driven back to work September 28—still without a contract

Steve Payne: How Brazilian Bank Workers Learn to Dream Bigger

The bank workers union has developed a weekend training on how members’ workplace fights connect to a bigger picture

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