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Kim Scipes: US Labor Imperialism

Interview on the role of US labor internationally including the National Endowment For Democracy NED and the AFL-CIO “Solidariity Center”

Hamilton Nolan: We Need a Big National Strike Fund

More successful strikes help the entire labor movement. We should pay for them together

Lauren Kaori Gurley: ‘We All Quit’: How America’s Workers Are Taking Back Their Power

Something remarkable is happening in fast food establishments, retail stores, and restaurants across America

Dave Jamieson: AFL-CIO Union Federation Supports Vaccine Mandates For Workers

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was unequivocal: “If you come back and you’re not vaccinated, everybody in that workplace is jeopardized.”

Steve Turner: What’s at stake for the left in Unite’s General Secretary election?

This is not just about driving the organising programme, it is also about building a union that can defend jobs and deliver better pay and conditions

Alexandra Bradbury: At a Convention Like No Other, Teamster Challengers Turn a Corner

“A change in leadership only works if we also get members to step up and take on these fights. If the members aren’t activated and organized, then we have nothing.”

Hamilton Nolan: The Leadership Struggle In A California Union Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Accusations of cheating, chicanery and violent retaliation dog the SEIU Local 1000 election. The consequences for labor are very real

John Tarleton: Barbara Bowen Passes the Torch

The outgoing leader of NYC’s leftmost union local looks back on long struggle to transform CUNY

Sonali Kolhatkar: There Is No Labor Shortage, Only Labor Exploitation

“This moment provides opportunities to raise wage demands, but it must be a moment where workers organize in order to sustain and pursue demands for improvements in their living and working conditions.”

Julia Rock: Hiding The Union Busters

The American Bar Association and corporate interests are trying to block a rule that would expose their anti-labor activities

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