Category: Labor

Robert R. Raymond: Corporations Are Trying to Co-opt Mindfulness to Avoid Meeting Workers’ Needs

“These programs treat stress as a maladaptation of the individual, not as a symptom of structural and systemic issues.”

Nelson Lichtenstein: Not All Labor Law Reforms Are Created Equal

Two major pieces of labor law legislation, both rooted in the concept of “sectoral bargaining,” are now being weighed in California and New York

Hamilton Nolan: The AFL-CIO Releases Its Police Reform Report, But Doesn’t Want to Talk About It

The long-awaited report affirms support for police unions, and rejects the idea of defunding the police

Robert Ovetz: Strike threats: a crucial tool in building working class power

Workers’ inquiries and credible strike threats are essential tactics for tipping the balance of class power back in workers’ favor

Kenny Stancil: If You Want to Keep Workers, Pay Living Wages

“They will spend millions of dollars to take $300 a [week] away from you and your family, to force you to work for them for pennies.”

Hamilton Nolan: AFL-CIO’s Commitment to Defending Police Unions

The long-awaited draft report is an explicit rejection of calls for the labor movement to separate itself from police

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why the PRO Act Is a Game-Changer for Labor and the Economy

A comprehensive labor bill would give workers a level playing field to organize for their rights—if Senate Democrats can muster enough votes

CJ Polychroniou: May Day And The United States Of Amnesia

The struggle against neoliberal capitalism requires a well-organized working-class movement that hasn’t succumbed to the form of historical amnesia imposed by the powers that be

Ralph Nader: If Biden is a “union guy” – Go After the Taft-Hartley Monster!

Even mentioning the repeal of Taft-Hartley by unions and Democratic candidates has become taboo

Joe Burns: Joe Biden Will Not Save the Labor Movement

A return to failed mainstream Democratic Party labor policies will not revive unions. We need a labor revolution

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