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Hamilton Nolan: What’s at Stake for the Labor Movement on Election Day? Everything.

Unions hope a Biden presidency will reverse decades of anti-worker policies.

Nelson Lichtenstein: Uber and Lyft Try to Strong-Arm California

We need an equally radical rededication to the concept of jobs with rights, and the rewards, monetary and moral, that are their just compensation

Indigo Olivier: Meet the Students Trying to Organize the First Campus-Wide Undergraduate Union

Inside the groundbreaking student organizing drive at Kenyon College

Tefere Gebre: On the State of the Unions

The 2020 platform of the Democratic Party is the most pro-labor it has ever been. But the onus is on us [to make sure that] once we get him elected, we don’t get bought off by coffee at the White House

Hamilton Nolan: In California, a “Labor Slate” Aims to Redefine the Relationship Between Unions and Politics

The plat­form empha­sizes union jobs, afford­able hous­ing, Medicare for All, pub­lic edu­ca­tion and trans­porta­tion, as well as increas­ing tax­es on the rich

Meagan Day: Most Politicians Don’t Care About Workers. But Unions Can Make Them.

New research finds that strong unions are pretty effective at making politicians pay attention to the interests of ordinary people. In order to pursue a real pro-worker agenda in government, we need an emboldened labor movement

Chris Townsend: Concessions Are Back. So Are the Flashbacks

It is a flashback that the only way to oppose concessions is to oppose concessions—and all who embrace them, push them, or surrender to them

Stephanie Luce: Housing Is a Worker Issue

Why the Labor Movement Should Support the ‘Beyond Recovery’ Campaign

Bill Fletcher: Trump Must be Defeated, but Unions Shouldn’t be Democratic Party Cheerleaders

If Trump wins, he will be convinced that he has a mandate for authoritarianism and further irrationalism; trade unions must become organizations of the class

Eve Ottenberg: Re-Organizing Labor

A look at Shaun Richman’s newly published Tell the Bosses We’re Coming

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