Category: Poverty

Eve Ottenberg: A Last-Minute Reprieve for the Homeless…for Now

Over 2 million homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments

Tyler Walicek: Homes — Not “Sanctioned Encampments” — Are the Solution to Homelessness

Authorities’ hesitant half-measures skirt the fundamental, self-evident truth: that what unhoused people need are homes

Liberation Staff: Homeless people in Manchester face yet another eviction

Greatly reducing the police budget and instead funding our community’s actual needs could go a long way to alleviate homelessness in our city

Jonathan Kim: Hundreds of houseless people evicted from Echo Park

The use of massive police force to evict the most vulnerable comes as special cruelty in the midst of the nation’s worst pandemic

Laura Ungar: Need Amid Plenty

Richest US Counties Are Overwhelmed by Surge in Child Hunger

David Rosen: Americans are Suffering: Looking Beyond Covid-19

A growing proportion of Americans are enduring the painful decline in their quality of life

Robin Scher: Pandemic May Have Left Over 250 Million People With Acute Food Shortages in 2020

As Black and Latinx families experience disproportionate food insecurity, experts warn of famine in dozens of countries

Sam Pizzigati: The ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ That Doomed the U.S. Covid Response?

The answer from a blue-ribbon medical commission on the Trump years: decades of rising inequality

Azeezah Kanji: Homeless Encampment Evictions Highlight the Cruelty of Capitalism Amid COVID

The stifling inequality engendered by capitalism takes lives, sometimes quickly and often slowly. With encampment evictions, the state punishes those being suffocated for gasping to breathe

Michael Sainato: Billionaires add $1tn to net worth during pandemic as their workers struggle

Companies’ attempts at hazard pay have been paltry and fleeting as employees are threatened for protesting working conditions

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