Category: Poverty

Les Leopold: How Runaway Inequality Helped to Elect Trump and How It Can Defeat Him

We are unlikely to win back Obama-to-Sanders-to-Trump voters until we rekindle the spirit of Occupy Wall Street and the Sanders campaign

Patrick Cockburn: Why the rise of Donald Trump and Isis have more in common than you might think

Inequality has increased everywhere with politically momentous consequences

Pete Dolack: Eight people own as much as half the world

Does anyone believe that the world’s elites are going to suddenly accept business as usual can no longer go on and willingly give up their enormous privileges?

Noam Chomsky: Is Trump Consistent?

Talk on a Trump presidency

Ilana Novick: 8 Wealthiest Men Own the Same Amount as the Poorest Half of the World

According to Oxfam, because of our broken economics, never have so few owned so much

Pete Dolack: Any way you calculate it, income inequality is getting worse

Even if the final decay of capitalism has arrived, that decay is likely to unfold over decades unless a global Left movement, uniting the variety of social and environmental movements and struggles across borders, can speed up the process

Alistair Gee: More than one-third of schoolchildren are homeless in shadow of Silicon Valley

Tech economy is drawing new inhabitants and businesses but is contributing to dislocation, leaving families, teachers and even principals with housing woes

Don Fitz: Attack on St. Louis Homeless Sneaks Under a Dark Cloud

Protecting the homeless is a core part of defending social security, medicare, medicaid, public schools, child labor laws, parks and indigenous lands

Michael Yates: Measuring Global Inequality

If the reality of global inequality inspires what Antonio Gramsci famously called “pessimism of the intellect,” the real work must begin with what he called “optimism of the will”—the undaunted commitment that drives radical change

Patrick Strickland: Life on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation

Where life expectancy is the second-lowest in the western hemisphere and 80 percent of people are unemployed

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