Category: Poverty

Poppy Noor: Republican’s Mockery of Sanders and Socialism Backfires

One in nine Americans lives with insecure access to food. In Wisconsin, where Walker was formerly governor, one in five children live with food insecurity

Amy Goodman: “State of Emergency”

Special Report on California’s Criminalization of Growing Homeless Encampments

Frances Fox Piven: Connecting poverty to wealth

‘Poverty Is Not Just a Measure of How Much Cabbage and Potatoes You Need to Live On’

Scott Owen: No Help for the Homeless, Please

Trumps involvement in the homeless crises on any level can only bring more dysfunction and heartbreak to this already most marginalized and helpless and practically invisible segment of our society

Jake Johnson: ‘No One Should Retire Into Poverty’

At Historic Hearing, Progressives Make Case for Expanding—Not Cutting—Social Security Benefits

Alan MacLeod: Media Presenting Horrifying Stories as ‘Uplifting’ Perseverance Porn

What these articles highlight so clearly is not only the grim, inhuman and unnecessary conditions so many Americans are forced to live under, but the degree to which mainstream corporate journalists have completely internalized them as unremarkable

Vijay Prashad: Revolutions are the Human Race Grabbing for the Emergency Brake

The powerful not only control social wealth; they also control the public policy discussion — and what counts as intellectually correct

Mallika Khanna: Climate Change Is a Poor People’s Issue

Poor and working communities stand to gain the most from protections against corporations that expose them to pollution

Kalena Thomhave: Confronting Politicians with the Reality of Poverty

The Poor People’s Campaign gathered this week in Washington, demanding change from both presidential candidates and members of Congress

Sam Pizzigati: Do You Really Care about the Threads You Wear?

If you like looking good, you ought to fear what rising levels of inequality are doing to America’s apparel future

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