Category: Poverty

Mike Hastie: When Homelessness Hits the Wall

It is amazing what people will talk about when they just want someone to hear their story

The Poor People's Campaign: Our Demands

We are coming together to break the silence and tell the truth about the interlocking evils of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, the war economy and our distorted moral narrative

Jessica Myers: Experts fear pandemic could spur dramatic spike in homelessness

“It will be a bigger crisis than we can imagine if we don’t act soon.”

Mel Gurtov: The World Bank’s Poverty Illusion

Creating an economy based on social justice cannot be accomplished with quick fixes or “reforms.” It really is a revolutionary enterprise

Luna: Keeping Atlanta fed through COVID-19

The idea is that none of the donated food goes to waste, and someone in the neighborhood might get fresh ground coffee or an organic apple pie that would otherwise have gone into the trash

Mike Hastie: Homeless in Portland, Oregon

Old Town Portland looks like a huge refugee settlement. I deliver lunches to 4 homeless encampments three days a week.  It is like walking into a poverty war zone

Rajan Menon: How the Pandemic Hit Americans

Selective in Its Impact, the Virus Has Struck the Homeless Hard

Sharon Lerner: Coronavirus Pandemic Deepens New York’s Hunger Crisis

Some longtime advocates say they have been warning for years about the hunger the pandemic has exacerbated.

Karen Dolan: Trump’s War on the Hungry

The Trump administration has waged war on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, commonly called food stamps

Igor Derysh: Study projects homelessness will rise 45% in just one year

“This is unprecedented. No one living has seen an increase of 10% of unemployment in a month,” the researcher said

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