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Badri Raina: Begging

Begging, your honour, is a crime; It embarrasses the nation, Which, as everybody knows, is Full of hype and elation.   In fact, hunger by itself Is a most heinous crime; Images of hungry millions Shame those who eat all the time.   After all, between the image and The reality, the former matters most; Read more…

Valerie Burris: Battling the Indignities of Detroit’s Water Shut-Offs

Shut-offs don’t get people to pay their bills. They just create a devastating cycle, one that’s been going on for 10 years too long already

Stephanie Land: The House Farm Bill Doubles Down on TANF’s Mistakes

Cash assistance is broken in America. If the House Farm Bill passes, the same thing could happen to food assistance

Dean Baker: Income Inequality Worse than Reported

Clearly, policy must focus more heavily on incomes before taxes and transfers if the majority is to share equitably in economic growth

Jill Richardson: The Latest Attack on Food Stamps

Adding a work requirement to food stamps is a mean-spirited and short-sighted move that will harm our economy while exacerbating hunger

Susan Roberts: Uses for the Poor

What is most notable about this new ‘warehousing’ of the poor is just how reminiscent of early capitalism it is

Michael Roberts: OECD Advises Countries to Curb Extreme Inequality

It’s a question of political will and political action

Matthew Desmond: Eviction

Nearly 4 People Are Evicted Every Minute

Raj Chetty: Racism and Inequality

The key finding that emerges from this analysis is that there are very large differences by race, especially when it comes to kids’ chance of climbing and staying at the top of the income ladder

Kenneth Surin: Extreme Poverty in the U.S. is a Political Choice of the Powerful

Alston began his statement on the U.S. by saying that “in practice, the United States is alone among developed countries in insisting that while human rights are of fundamental importance, they do not include rights that guard against dying of hunger, dying from a lack of access to affordable healthcare, or growing up in a context of total deprivation.

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