Category: Poverty

John Feffer: The Hunger President

There are now 1.4 million children at risk of dying from famine. No one apparently has shown Donald Trump, or his daughter Ivanka, any photos of these at-risk children. So, the U.S. president is comfortably ignoring this statistic.

Saru Jayaraman: On the Backs of Women

Most consumers do not know the extent of poverty, discrimination, and sexual harassment faced by millions of women in the restaurant industry

Phil McKenna: Hope, Then Misery

The losing fight over the Dakota Access oil pipeline has brought into high relief the dire living conditions of the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native Americans

Sarah Lazare: Deaths of Despair

A pair of pioneering Princeton researchers makes sense of a growing epidemic

Pete Dolack: Owning Half the World

The Oxfam report, in its conclusions, advocates a switch to a “human economy,” one in which governments are “accountable to the 99 percent,” businesses would be oriented toward policies that “increase prosperity for all,”

George Lakey: Inequality is the real backstory to Sweden’s riots

What’s changed is that Sweden has been retreating in recent decades from its earlier commitment to economic equality

Les Leopold: How Runaway Inequality Helped to Elect Trump and How It Can Defeat Him

We are unlikely to win back Obama-to-Sanders-to-Trump voters until we rekindle the spirit of Occupy Wall Street and the Sanders campaign

Patrick Cockburn: Why the rise of Donald Trump and Isis have more in common than you might think

Inequality has increased everywhere with politically momentous consequences

Pete Dolack: Eight people own as much as half the world

Does anyone believe that the world’s elites are going to suddenly accept business as usual can no longer go on and willingly give up their enormous privileges?

Noam Chomsky: Is Trump Consistent?

Talk on a Trump presidency

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