Category: Poverty

Chesa Boudin: “We Can’t Jail Our Way Out of Poverty”

The recall campaign is spearheaded by wealthy donors, the real estate industry and Republicans who desire a conservative DA who will not hold police and other powerful actors accountable

Brian Barth: What If Unhoused People Designed Their Own Homes?

In Oakland, a poet and her crew of “poverty scholars” are doing just that

Natasha Lennard: With Sweeps of Homeless Encampments, Liberal Cities Wage War on Poorest Residents

New York’s Eric Adams became the latest mayor to clear out the unhoused — a cruel reminder of how the liberal establishment fails the neediest

Sonali Kolhatkar: Housing is a Human Right, Here’s How to Make It a Reality

“We think there ought to be an alternative to the corporate and for-profit system of housing.”

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò: How BlackRock, Vanguard, and UBS Are Screwing the World

Such firms control a huge portion of the world’s wealth. Instead of using that power to solve climate change, they’re blocking progress and profiting off inequality

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis: Joe Manchin’s America

The Resurgence of the Culture-of-Poverty Debate

Michael Tubbs: Ending Poverty in California Is Possible

The American Dream should not mean that we stack the odds immeasurably against certain people, and if they work hard and are lucky enough to survive, a few of them will make it. There’s a better dream

Robert Reich: How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control

Wealth inequality has spiraled out of control. It’s time to end this vicious cycle

Thom Hartmann: Wall Street’s Barons are Causing Homelessness: Can We Stop Them?

We’re seeing tent cities & massive homelessness in cities across America because a handful of Wall Street billionaires want to make a killing: Will America remove housing from their clutches?

Eve Ottenberg: A Last-Minute Reprieve for the Homeless…for Now

Over 2 million homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments

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