Category: Poverty

Jori Hamilton: Poor and marginalised people bear the brunt of climate change

Tackling environmental collapse is a matter of class, racial and gender justice

Dean Baker: The Real College Admissions Scandal Is Structural Inequality

Inequality was not a natural outcome of the market and technology — it was manufactured by design

Dylan Matthews: Democrats United to Cut Child Poverty?

The American Family Act, one of Democrats’ biggest policy initiatives of 2019, explained

Jock Toles: Chicago’s Homeless Are Freezing and Dying

We can provide housing for everyone, and we must

Bridget Meehan: Living it Large—Life on Benefits

A society that allows many, many people to live on less than £100 per week while a privileged few get by on over £100,000 is surely a great place to live

Chuck Collins: Shutdown Expands Ranks of ‘Underwater Nation’

Unemployment is low, but federal employees are lining up at food banks. They aren’t alone

Bridget Meehan: A Random Act of Kindness

A really nice thing happened in my local town. A random act of kindness. Some homeless people who were sleeping rough were put up for a few nights in a four-star hotel, meals included. The bill was footed by a local celebrity who, concerned about the rise in homelessness, wanted to draw attention to the Read more…

Sam Pizzigati: If Democrats Fracture, This Will Be the Fault Line

Should we treat the super rich as a distraction or a clear and present danger? No question more deeply divides the opposition to The Donald

Negin Owliaei: Inequality at the Center of Chicago Charter School Strikes

Teachers won the first charter school strike in the U.S. by demanding everything from pay raises to sanctuary for students

Kenn Orphan: Hard Truths and the ‘Indispensable Nation’

I’ve lived all over the United States for most of my life, but it was my crisscrossed traverse across the continent two years ago that opened my eyes to the scale of destitution of which so many have become desperately ensnared

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