Category: Poverty

Mallika Khanna: Climate Change Is a Poor People’s Issue

Poor and working communities stand to gain the most from protections against corporations that expose them to pollution

Kalena Thomhave: Confronting Politicians with the Reality of Poverty

The Poor People’s Campaign gathered this week in Washington, demanding change from both presidential candidates and members of Congress

Sam Pizzigati: Do You Really Care about the Threads You Wear?

If you like looking good, you ought to fear what rising levels of inequality are doing to America’s apparel future

Jori Hamilton: Poor and marginalised people bear the brunt of climate change

Tackling environmental collapse is a matter of class, racial and gender justice

Dean Baker: The Real College Admissions Scandal Is Structural Inequality

Inequality was not a natural outcome of the market and technology — it was manufactured by design

Dylan Matthews: Democrats United to Cut Child Poverty?

The American Family Act, one of Democrats’ biggest policy initiatives of 2019, explained

Jock Toles: Chicago’s Homeless Are Freezing and Dying

We can provide housing for everyone, and we must

Bridget Meehan: Living it Large—Life on Benefits

A society that allows many, many people to live on less than £100 per week while a privileged few get by on over £100,000 is surely a great place to live

Chuck Collins: Shutdown Expands Ranks of ‘Underwater Nation’

Unemployment is low, but federal employees are lining up at food banks. They aren’t alone

Bridget Meehan: A Random Act of Kindness

A really nice thing happened in my local town. A random act of kindness. Some homeless people who were sleeping rough were put up for a few nights in a four-star hotel, meals included. The bill was footed by a local celebrity who, concerned about the rise in homelessness, wanted to draw attention to the Read more…

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