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Paul Street: Empire abroad, prisons at home

I t is commonplace for left writers and activists to note stark contradictions between the declared objectives of United States foreign policy and the harsh imperial realities of that policy. It is difficult, we note, to take seriously the U.S. government’s statements for freedom, justice, democracy, and security and against terrorism, authoritarianism, violence, and insecurity Read more…

Paul Street: Too Many Children Left Behind

Paul Street & Dennis A. Kass  In an ominous 5-4 decision handed down on June 27, 2002, the Supreme Court made “standard” claims of concern for poor inner-city children in a decision that permits parents to use public funds to pay for their children’s tuition at private and religious schools. In an opinion that delighted Read more…

Paul Street: Bush’s proposal for welfare moms and the real White House agenda

Street Buried in the details of the regressive, militarist, and fiscally irresponsible budget plan released by the White House in early February is a weak but revealing proposal of marriage. At this writing, the Bush administration is asking Congress for $100 million of federal welfare money to pay for experimental state programs to promote marriage Read more…

Paul Street: The White Fairness Understanding Gap

Paul Street Educators, policy-makers, activists, and academics regularly decry and claim to offer solutions to the problem that Blacks tend to score significantly lower than whites on standardized academic achievement tests. It is interesting, then, to read the results of a survey conducted last Spring by the Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, and Read more…

Paul Street: Savage Inequality As No Big Deal

Paul Street For those who read leading journals of “elite” opinion, there is little hidden about the real values of the ruling-class. Forthright discussion commonly occurs in those select venues, encouraged by editors’ confidence that the masses are not paying attention and are incapable anyway of understanding the sophisticated discourse of the privileged. Take, for Read more…

Paul Street: Free to Be Poor

Street At the turn of the millennium, leading architects of American policy and opinion claimed to know that one thing was clear in a complex and ever-changing world. Human beings, they told us, were freer than ever before. According to the editors of Time magazine, the last century’s legacy to the new one could be Read more…

Paul Street: Race, Prison, and Poverty

Street In the last two-and-a-half decades, the prison population has undergone what the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics director Jan Chaiken last year called “literally incredible” expansion. Chaiken reported a quadrupling of the U.S. incarceration rate since 1975. That rate, more than 600 prisoners for every 100,000 people, is by far the highest in Read more…

Paul Street: The Economy is Doing Fine, It’s Just the People That Aren’t

L. Street On the eve of the millennial elections, set to occur in the persistent glow of a record-setting economic expansion, Americans are being told that they’ve “never had it so good.” The key evidence for this common elite judgment is a plethora of stunning data on America’s rising tide of affluence. As the Chicago Read more…

Paul Street: Capitalism and Democracy “Don’t Mix Very Well”

Economic globalization enthusiasts like Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Tony Blair, New York Times foreign policy columnist Thomas Friedman, and the unelected officials of the World Trade Organization repeat a classic Cold War mistake by claiming that globalization is advancing two sides of the same historical coin: capitalism and democracy. One does not have to be Read more…

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