Category: LGBTQ

Jessica Corbett: Architect of Texas Abortion Ban Takes Aim at LGBTQ+ Rights

“Make no mistake, the goal is to force extreme, outdated, religious-driven values on all of us through the courts.”

Danica Jorden: Actor’s Death Links Homophobia, Sexism and Covid Denial in Brazil

Paulo Gustavo was remembered in mass protests in 24 states and the capital district on May 29 against the Bolsonaro government’s inaction in the face of Covid

Morgan Artyukhina: Passing the LGBTQ Equality Act is within reach

But only if we fight for it

Chris Walker: Poll Finds Immense Opposition to Anti-Trans Laws in Youth Sports, Health Care

67 percent of American adults said they were opposed to measures prohibiting transgender students from being able to compete on sports teams corresponding to their gender identity

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Republicans Are Betting the Farm on Attacking Transgender People

Transgender people, like immigrants, voters of color, and those seeking abortions, are the latest scapegoats that the GOP is counting on to fuel bigotry among its base

Henda Chennaoui: Queer and feminist militants are shaping Tunisia’s protests

A decade after the 2011 Revolution, a new generation of Tunisians is back on the streets as a broad, intersectional movement united through grassroots militancy

Chase Strangio: Activists Demand Action on Anti-Trans Laws

On Trans Day of Visibility, we look at the wave of anti-trans laws being enacted across the U.S., with dozens more anti-trans bills making their way through state legislatures

Robin Savannah Carver: I Want Civil Rights. They Want to Talk About Sports

Republicans are leveraging public ignorance about trans people to deny Queer Americans basic civil rights

David Badash: Biden’s LGBTQ Executive Order Is Just the Start

Here Are the Other Pro-Equality Actions the Administration Is Taking

Wim Laven: The Menacing Threat of Hate and Political Violence

Rights for all races, all ethnicities, all religions, all sexual identities—all are vital in our America. We must defend our communities against the forces of division

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