Category: LGBTQ

Bill Mosley: Rat vs Mouse: The Scrambled Politics of the Florida-Disney Feud

The Left and its allies must defeat the rats in the battle to preserve democracy and human rights

Bill Fletcher: Why the far right is so obsessed with gender politics

Misogyny and a commitment to re-establishing male supremacy are two alarmingly consistent features defining far-right movements around the globe. Why?

Soila Kenya: How a queer Kenyan film is outpacing homophobic colonial censorship law

‘I Am Samuel’ is blocked in Kenya, but its filmmakers have found other ways to get their message across

Bill Fletcher: The future the far right wants should scare us all

The far right is not one entity with one goal; it encompasses a range of political groups with different visions for society. But these varied forces are coalescing into a dangerous coalition

Qiuyan Chen: Fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in China

Qiuyan Chen sued the Chinese ministry of education over homophobic textbooks. She writes about her battle for LGBTQ+ rights in China and the UK

Laura Finley: The Dangerous Trend of the “Parents Rights” Movement

It is imperative that we let educators do what they are trained to do, teach

Jessica Corbett: Architect of Texas Abortion Ban Takes Aim at LGBTQ+ Rights

“Make no mistake, the goal is to force extreme, outdated, religious-driven values on all of us through the courts.”

Danica Jorden: Actor’s Death Links Homophobia, Sexism and Covid Denial in Brazil

Paulo Gustavo was remembered in mass protests in 24 states and the capital district on May 29 against the Bolsonaro government’s inaction in the face of Covid

Morgan Artyukhina: Passing the LGBTQ Equality Act is within reach

But only if we fight for it

Chris Walker: Poll Finds Immense Opposition to Anti-Trans Laws in Youth Sports, Health Care

67 percent of American adults said they were opposed to measures prohibiting transgender students from being able to compete on sports teams corresponding to their gender identity

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