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Mahnker Dahnwei: Activists Push Police Out Of Schools In Madison

Queer, trans, and Black students organized for their safety and dignity and pushed for the removal of police from Madison public schools

Karen Dolan: The Fight for Equality Just Won a Huge Victory

There’s a lot of bad news out there, but I hope we’ll celebrate amid the painkaren

Chase Strangio: Supreme Court Bars Workplace Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

Ruling May Be Transformative

Josh Gerstein: With LGBT Ruling, Supreme Court Hands Liberals a Surprise Victory

Two of the court’s Republican appointees joined the court’s Democratic appointees to deliver an unexpected 6-3 triumph for LGBT advocates

Mariela Castro Espín: Sexual rights and emancipation in Cuba

The 1959 revolution launched a project of social justice and equity, an event that would change policies regarding gender and sexualities, among profound, radical transformations in the nation and its culture

Rita Nketiah: ‘God Has A New Africa’

Undercover in a US-led anti-LGBT ‘hate movement’

Dorothee Benz: ‘The Law Is Only Ever a Part of What Creates a Just and Free Society’

Interview on LGBTQ rights

Anna North: How LGBTQ rights cases before Supreme Court affect all Americans

If the Trump administration gets its way, the court could destroy sex discrimination law as we know it

Natasha Lennard: Trump Wants to Let Employers Fire Queer and Trans Workers

If the Supreme Court rules that discrimination on the basis of sex stereotypes is legal, anyone who doesn’t conform to an employer’s view of stereotypical femininity or masculinity could be at risk

Saurav Sarkar: Fifty Years after Stonewall

LGBTQ Workers Seek Equality

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