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Emily Peck: Trump Makes It Harder to Report Harassment

The assault on women began almost instantly after the primal female scream that was the women’s march in January. That month, Trump signed his first executive order (surrounded by men), literally a “gag rule,” meant to prevent health clinics around the world from even talking about abortion.

Stephen Bergstein: Sexual Assault Victim Cannot Sue West Point

The facts of the case portray a misogynist environment at West Point, a Hudson Valley institution that trains future military officers

Cynthia Peters: A Feminist Re-Frame on the Little Pink Pill

The FDA’s decision to approve a drug designed to increase women’s libido is not a feminist victory. But it reminds us of what we need to be fighting for

Susan Ferguson: Girls, Sex, Markets and Feminism

This article could begin pretty much anywhere, describing any number of contemporary fads that work to reproduce and reinforce our deeply (hetero)sexist Western norms and behaviours. Girls Gone Wild videos. Toddlers in Tiaras. Playboy bunny-stamped snowboards and cellphone covers. Sex bracelets that signal which sex acts the (inevitably female) wearer is willing to perform. Kiddie-thongs. Read more…

Donovan Lessard: A Critique of the “Post-Gay” Thesis

I faced a peculiar coincidence this afternoon. I was sitting in my office in Amherst, Massachusetts transcribing an interview with a 21-year-old, queer-identified, white, male-bodied person for my dissertation research on queer subcultures in Minneapolis. Cody (a pseudonym) had told me about how his participation in one of the queer subcultures in Minneapolis had given Read more…

Michael Bronski: The Real Roots of Stonewall and the Gay Liberation Movement

Throughout the 1960s and until peace was declared in 1975, the Vietnam War was the backdrop that defined everything that was happening in the United States. The Eisenhower administration had sent close to 900 advisors to South Vietnam to prevent what the U.S. saw as a potential communist takeover by the North Vietnamese. By 1963, Read more…

: Sexual Assault(s), AGAIN

This article was written by Zillah Eisenstein on May 19th, 2011 Just about every woman, and actually a lot of men that I know cannot believe, and of course also can sadly believe, the stupid arrogance of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the now former head of the International Monetary Fund, and Arnold Schwarzenegger also former action hero Read more…

Michael Strom: On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and Supporting Our Troops

Originally published by the Organization for a Free Society on 12/28/2010. On Wednesday, December 22, President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) into law. Let’s smile with our friends and family whose jobs and lives are directly affected, and then get back to work and into the streets. It’s vital to Read more…

Stephanie N. Van Hook: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

In 1967 Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church called “Beyond Vietnam,” where he declared that his conscience would not allow him to remain silent on the question of Vietnam, on the horrors of war, on the threat of violence to our existence. In this speech he pointed out the irony Read more…

Gabriel Arana: Asking and Telling

(Dec. 22) — Today, the president will sign a bill repealing "don'task, don't tell," the 1993 law that bars gays from serving openly in the military. Given the amount of public support for allowing gay people to serve openly (over two-thirds of Americans favor repeal), it had largely become a question of when and how Read more…

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