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Aaron White: This election can’t contain the rage of young Americans

In the most important election in my lifetime, who speaks for my generation?

Sonali Kolhatkar: How Coronavirus Exposed the Flaws of the Childcare Economy

The pandemic has revealed the barbaric nature of an economy that has largely left the care of children to the whims of market forces. The well-being of children, women, and especially women of color is at stake

Lesly Ayala: Students And COVID-19: We Are Struggling, Here’s The Help We Need

A recent survey on workers and learners in Los Angeles County by the UCLA Labor Center found that “52% have been laid off, terminated, or furloughed from their jobs due to the pandemic.” It is very hard to study with many insecurities in your life

Elise Gould: Young Workers Hit Hard by the COVID-19 Economy

Workers ages 16–24 face high unemployment and an uncertain future

Jessica Corbett: #CountOnUs: Youth Organizers Have a Plan to Mobilize If Trump Tries to Steal the Election

“Together, we’re going to vote and organize like our communities and planet are at stake, because they are.”

Rachel Zhang: Youth Must Focus This Election on Climate Change — and Push Dems to Confront It

Together, we can transform a burnt, drained, and inequitable world into a green, replenished, and just one for generations to come

Brian Lozenski: The Black Radical Tradition Can Help Us Imagine a More Just World

An underlying dilemma for educational leaders is that the rewards of schooling now pale in comparison to the freedom struggle unfolding before their eyes

Vijay Prashad: Billions of children are being punished by the pandemic

The deep impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown on children who are suffering disproportionately amid the pandemic with limited access to education and higher levels of violence

Jonah Raskin: American Teens and the Insurrection of 2020

Caught Between Passion and Cool

Anne L. Alstott: Mothering in a Pandemic

Society relies on the unpaid, invisible work of parents—mostly mothers—to care for children and to buffer kids from trauma and stress. Supporting that work during COVID-19 requires direct cash support to families.

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