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Marty Hart-Landsberg: Learning from history: community-run child-care centers during World War II

The history of child care during World War II makes clear that this turn to market-based tax policy to solve child-care problems represented a big step back for working women and their children

Mike Ludwig: Youth Climate Activists Want $10 Trillion for Infrastructure.

Sunrise Movement activist says Biden should forget GOP and listen to young people fired up about the prospect of a Civilian Climate Corps that would create thousands of jobs combatting the climate crisis and building a sustainable future

Andrew Marantz: The Left Turn – Are We Entering a New Political Era?

The neoliberal order seems to be collapsing. A generation of young activists is trying to insure that it’s replaced by progressive populism, not by the fascist right

Julie Kashen: It’s Time to Build a Comprehensive Child Care and Early Learning System

The practice of calling on families to pay unaffordable sums for child care while paying early educators poverty-level wages was never really sustainable

Jen Deerinwater: “Build Back Fossil Free!”

Indigenous Youth Rally to Demand Biden Stop Pipelines

Nazlı Konya: Courage, rage and joy at Turkey’s student protests

The undemocratic appointment of a party loyalist as rector at a prominent university in Turkey is fiercely resisted by its student body and faculty

Liberation Staff: Student activists in Weymouth, Mass. vs the cult of ‘blue lives matter’

It’s refusal to take any concrete political stance “points out a flaw in the way schools are managed. One person or a few people at the top make decisions for all students [who] at the end of the day, hold no power.”

Hannah Dickinson: Rochester police attack and pepper spray 9-year old girl, body cam shows

These violent, racist police cannot keep collecting paychecks while they brutalize working people.

Jon Queally: Demanding Immediate Action Over ‘Empty Promises,’ Youth Climate Movement Announces Next Global Strikes

“When your house is on fire,” says Greta Thunberg, “you don’t wait for 10, 20 years before you call the fire department; you act as soon and as much as you possibly can.”

Aaron White: This election can’t contain the rage of young Americans

In the most important election in my lifetime, who speaks for my generation?

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