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Miranda Featherstone: I’ve Been in School Mental Health for 10 Years. My Heart Is Breaking Right Now.

As a culture, we have unceremoniously dumped the aftershocks of fear, loss, economic stress, uncertainty and isolation into the laps of thinly stretched professionals

Julia Conley: Call Embraced for Prolonged Student Walkout Over Nation’s Refusal to Act on Guns

“How can we expect them to walk into the firing line every day?”

Henry A. Giroux: The War on Youth in the Age of Fascist Politics

Youth, especially youth of color, are not only viewed as a liability, much of their behavior is also being increasingly criminalized

Frida Berrigan: A School System Goes to Hell and Back Again

A Pandemic Year of Hope, Trauma, and Tragedy, Up Close and Personal

Bradley Blankenship: Why are American teens the most depressed they’ve ever been?

The problem boils down to politics and the government’s inability to meaningfully represent young people

Randy David: The audacity of Ukraine’s youth

Their quest was nothing less than to freely participate in a new civilization. And they would not allow anyone to stop them from embracing it

Laura Finley: The Dangerous Trend of the “Parents Rights” Movement

It is imperative that we let educators do what they are trained to do, teach

Andrea Germanos: Teachers Union Warns Pandemic Burnout Destroying Schools

“If we’re serious about getting every child the support they need to thrive,” says the president of the NEA, “our elected leaders across the nation need to address this crisis now.”

Emma Frith: Young, left and marginalized

Emma Frith explores how young activists are regularly ignored and dismissed in politics – and why those on the left must not fall into this pattern

Mary C. King: Affordable Child Care Is the Boost Our Economy Needs

High quality child care helps parents earn more now, kids earn more later, and keeps entire communities afloat

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