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David Swanson: Turn the Pentagon into a Hospital

The United States government recently gave more than a million dollars to the family of one victim it had killed in one of its wars. The victim happened to be Italian. If you were to find all the Iraqi families…

Edward S. Herman: Soft Power Dictatorships

The New York Times is a very good newspaper, except where ideology and party line demands intrude. Unfortunately these intrusions occur often and are of great importance.

Edward S. Herman: Justice Belied

Edward S. Herman Reviews a book on the “Unbalanced Scales of International Criminal Justice

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Assassins of Argentina

The role played by former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan in creating the conditions that led to the 2008 global financial meltdown is known to many. What is less known is that Greenspan is a former member of the Group of Thirty.

Nicolas J.S. Davies: Supporting Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists

A handy A to Z guide to U.S.-backed international crime

Nicola Nasser: Egyptian Historic Breakthrough With Russia, Not A Strategic Shift Yet

It is still premature to deal with or build on it as a strategic shift away from the country’s more than three-decade strategic alliance with the United States.

Mark Weisbrot: US Support For Regime Change In Venezuela Is A Mistake

The US push to topple the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro once again pits Washington against South America

Andrej Grubacic: The Balkanization of Bosnia

Bosnia is in a promising state of non-nationalist social unrest. People are organizing everywhere

Richard Falk: Majoritarian Democracy vs Republican Democracy

The road to democracy is a process not an event, and will require an ongoing struggle

Ramzy Baroud: US-Israel Strange but ‘Stable’ Alliance: US Senate Await Israeli Instructions

The rules by which US-Israeli relations are governed are perhaps the most bewildering of all foreign policies of any two countries

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