Category: Nuclear War

Kathy Kelly: Wrongful Rhetoric

In a time when 20 million people face starvation, it’s particularly obscene for any country to pour resources into nuclear weaponry

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Is Playing With Nuclear Fire

Donald Trump’s bombastic and frightening threats against North Korea and Iran may portend a catastrophic attack that could impact the entire world

Lawrence Wittner: Finish the job

If enough people devote themselves to the nuclear disarmament campaign, we can create a nuclear weapons-free world and prevent nuclear war

John Pilger: Dangerous Times

North Korea, China and the Threat of Nuclear War and Accident

Ted Postol: Technological Fantasies

The concept of fighting and winning a nuclear war is completely divorced from the realities of nuclear weapons

Ramzy Baroud: Holding the World Hostage

Trump and Kim are dubious figures, driven by fragile egos and unsound judgement. Yet, they are both in a position that, if not reigned in soon, could threaten global security and the lives of millions

Joseph Essertier: Why North Korea Acquired Nukes

The near obliteration of infrastructure in Korea and the resultant suffering must remain deeply entrenched in the memories of North Koreans

Richard Falk: Utopian Dreams, Dystopian Nightmares

We are living amid contradictions whether we like it or not, driving expectations about the future toward opposite extremes. Increasingly plausible are fears that the ‘sixth extinction’ will encompass the human species, or at least, throw human society back to a technology of sticks and stones, with a habitat limited to caves and forests. This Read more…

Richard Falk: Challenging Nuclearism

The Nuclear Ban Treaty Assessed

Norman Solomon: Democrats Should Support Vital Proposals

These days, apparently, the Democratic leadership in Congress has much bigger fish to fry than merely trying to avert a global nuclear holocaust

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