Category: Nuclear War

Lawrence Wittner: The Great Evasion

The new nuclear weapons are designed to not only win the arms race, but to intimidate other nations and even “win” a nuclear war

Noam Chomsky: Three Major Threats to Life on Earth That We Must Address in 2021

Global problems of this scale require global cooperation

Rod Driver: Scary ‘R’ Us 3 – The Exaggerated Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The term WMD is propaganda to confuse chemical weapons with nuclear weapons, in order to exaggerate a threat

Scott Ritter: US’ successful ICBM intercept test brings us closer to a nuclear war

And proves Moscow’s concerns were well grounded

Binoy Kampmark: Cultivated Lunacy, Nuclear Deterrence and Banning the Nuke

In looking at the debates on nuclear weapons, one tension remains ineradicable.  Those who do not possess such weapons, nor put their stake in their murderously reassuring properties, have little interest in seeing them kept

Robert Koehler: The parallel universe of peace

The guy who could start a nuclear war has, in his own mind, already dehumanized a huge percentage of the world’s population. Doing so makes it so much easier to kill them when necessary

Dave Lindorff: Effective January 1, 2021 Nuclear Weapons Will Be Illegal

The task, going forward, is to use the new UN treaty banning these weapons to pressure the nations of the world to eliminate them for good

John M. Laforge: White House Gangster Wants to Avoid Nuclear-Armed Stigma

In a fashion reminiscent of lawless dictatorships the world over, the Trump White House has written to countries that have adopted the treaty urging them to withdraw their ratifications.

Alan Robock: Dear President-Elect Biden, please start with the easiest problem to solve

Your presidency is an unprecedented opportunity for positive change in the world. Reducing the threat of nuclear war and nuclear winter will make the United States safer and richer, and cement your status as a world leader

Michael T. Klare: Talking Tough and Carrying a Radioactive Stick

The Nuclearization of American Diplomacy

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