Category: Nuclear War

John M. Laforge: White House Gangster Wants to Avoid Nuclear-Armed Stigma

In a fashion reminiscent of lawless dictatorships the world over, the Trump White House has written to countries that have adopted the treaty urging them to withdraw their ratifications.

Alan Robock: Dear President-Elect Biden, please start with the easiest problem to solve

Your presidency is an unprecedented opportunity for positive change in the world. Reducing the threat of nuclear war and nuclear winter will make the United States safer and richer, and cement your status as a world leader

Michael T. Klare: Talking Tough and Carrying a Radioactive Stick

The Nuclearization of American Diplomacy

William J. Astore: A Thousand Times Worse

Or How to Nuke History

Scott Ritter: In refusing to extend New START, the US puts the world on the path of collective suicide

The US has embraced the notion that American security is predicated on a new generation of nuclear weaponry unconstrained by the limitations imposed by arms control agreements

Nick Turse: This Vanishing Moment and Our Vanishing Future

John Hersey, Hiroshima, and the End of World

Richard Falk: Nuclear Complacency and the Dangerous Drift Toward a New Cold War with China

For relations among states having nuclear weaponry, stability is achieved by relying on various forms of deterrence combined with the implementation of the nuclear apartheid regime

Robert Koehler: Learning from the hibakushas

Waging peace is more complex than waging war, but we’ve given ourselves no choice but to take on the challenge. At long last

Helen Caldicott: Hiroshima: The Lessons We Haven’t Learned

75 years after the U.S. atomic bombings of Japan, we remain perched on the precipice of unparalleled catastrophe

Paul Ham: Did the Atomic Bomb End the Pacific War?

The use of the atomic weapon must be seen as a continuation and a start: the nuclear continuation of the conventional terror bombing of Japanese civilians, and the start of a new “cold war.”

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