Category: Nuclear War

Karl Grossman: The Coming Nuclear Menace: Hypersonic Missiles

These weapons need to be outlawed, not produced and purchased en masse

Medea Benjamin: Will Corruption of Trump’s America End on a Ventilator or in a Mushroom Cloud

A political system that is structurally incapable of acting for the common good, even when millions of lives are at stake, is not just failing to solve our problems. It is the problem

Kathy Kelly: “He’s Got Eight Numbers, Just Like Everybody Else”

On April 4, 2020, my friend Steve Kelly will begin a third year of imprisonment in Georgia’s Glynn County jail

Mel Gurtov: Nukes: The unmentionable election issue: Getting to zero

Will a Democratic candidate for president endorse the TPNW? Will someone at least call for congressional hearings on the nuclear danger?

Mel Gurtov: Nukes: The unmentionable election issue, Part 1

Nuclear weapons are big business, and so long as “deterrence” dominates discussion, companies that invest in them will always thrive

Noam Chomsky: Internationalism or extinction

Capital is coordinated and globalized. Our struggles against injustice and oppression must be the same

Michael Slager: Trump is Moving us Closer to Nuclear Midnight

Source: Informed Comment In 1983, Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Forces, saw something shocking on his computer. The United States had launched a nuclear missile, and it was heading toward Moscow. Petrov said that he “just sat there for a few seconds, staring at … the screen with the word Read more…

Julian Borger: New “Low-Yield” Nuclear Warhead a Dangerous Step

Critics of the warhead say it accelerates a drift towards thinking of nuclear weapons as a means to fight and win wars, rather than as a deterrent of last resort

Richard Falk: Contesting Nuclearism

The goal of nuclear disarmament will never be reached so long as arms control and nonproliferation of nuclear weaponry are seen as the pillars of global stability in the nuclear age

Robert Koehler: Nuclear Hubris

One thing that becomes clear to me when I wander into the world, and the minds, of geopolitical professionals — government people — is how limited and linear their thinking seems to be

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