Category: War Terrorism

Danny Sjursen: What If?

An Alternative Strategy for 9/12/2001

Robert Fisk: Egypt’s President facing serious questions

Civilians and police and security forces have repeatedly been targeted in recent years

Alfred W. McCoy: Into the Afghan Abyss (Again)

How a Failed Drug War Will Defeat Trump’s Afghan Adventure

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Is Killing Record Numbers of Civilians

In March alone, the Trump administration killed 1,000 civilians in Iraq and Syria

Nick Turse: From Niger to Somalia

U.S. Military Expansion in Africa Helps Terror Groups Recruit

Patrick Cockburn: Isis facing near total defeat

But it has been beaten and come back before

Patrick Cockburn: Stepping up atrocities

The weaker Isis becomes the more it will want to show that it is still in business

Juan Cole: Climate Change and Terrorism

On 9/11: How we slighted the real Threat, Climate Change, and Hyped Terrorism

Patrick Cockburn: al-Qaeda strengthens in Syria

The West’s focus on the fall of so-called Islamic State is playing directly into the hands of its old enemies,

Ramzy Baroud: The Terror Next Time

The Daesh Story Is Not Ending

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