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Robert Fisk: Reactions to the Barcelona attack

Talking about the Spanish and Catalan reactions to the Barcelona attack – even if it’s not a nice conversation

Juan Cole: Trump on Barcelona

Trump could not have been more rude to Spain, in recalling 1898. And he could not have been more accommodating to ISIL’s narrative

Tom Engelhardt: Pardon Me!

High Crimes and Demeanors in the Age of Trump

Juan Cole: Astonished US Press

To his credit, Gov. Dayton cut through this bigotted b.s. and said, that is what this attack was, it was terrorism

Guy T. Saperstein: Why Are We So Afraid?

We are living in what is arguably the safest time in history, yet we exist in a culture of fear

David Swanson: Dunkirk

What’s missing, without even looking to see…

Ryan Gallagher: To Syria and Back

Josh Walker Fought Against ISIS. He Almost Got Killed. Now He’s Charged With Terrorism

Robert Fantina: Iran, the US and the World

Maintaining a straight face, United States Secretary of ‘Defense’ James Mattis calls Iran “the primary state sponsor of terrorism”. This from the man whose country is bombing at least six nations

Patrick Cockburn: Fall of Mosul a defeat for Isis

The systematic spreading of fear through terrorism is an integral part of the way Isis conducts warfare

Seymour Hersh: Syria, Osama bin Laden and more

Interview about his career and recent articles on Syria and Osama bin Laden

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