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Edward Herman: The Inky and Me

  The Philadelphia Inquirer (Inky) is widely regarded as a very good newspaper. This reputation derives in part from its great superiority over its predecessor, Walter Annenberg’s Inquirer, notorious as a partisan Republican rag and instrument of Annenberg’s personal vendettas (most famously, his refusal to allow mention of the name of the liberal Democratic Governor Read more…

Edward Herman: Gary Webb and the Media’s Rush to the Barricades

Edward S. Herman Every so often the mainstream media’s pack response to a story throws a powerful light on their deep collective biases. Such was the case following the publication of Gary Webb’s series in the San Jose Mercury News on the CIA’s connection to the drug epidemic in Los Angeles. Characteristically, the media failed Read more…

David Edwards: Global warming and the political economy of threats

To a casual observer, the reality, or otherwise, of a threat to humankind would appear to be determined by inexact but essentially rational calculations based on evidence, hard facts, and best guesses all wrapped up in a framework of concern for the general well-being of people and planet. Not so. In fact, the perceived seriousness Read more…

Chris Gaal: Who Are The Peruvian Terrorists?

Chris Gaal Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) rebels in Peru made headlines around the world when they entered the Japanese ambassador’s residence during a party disguised as servants carrying caviar and champagne, and proceeded to take hundreds of high level officials hostage. The U.S. press has taken the hostage crisis at face value, painting a Read more…


Novak (CrossFire), the McLaughlin Group, and Rush Limbaugh and Limbaugh clones; and even PBS is saturated with right-wing regulars (Buckley, Brown, McLaughlin, Wattenberg).   The Pitiful Giant Syndrome Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) recently listed 52 national media figures of the right, from Roger Ailes to Walter Williams, most of whom have proclaimed the Read more…

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